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Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated January 22, 2011

Kocaeli TV; Aba TV, 22 January 2011

  • (About reports in the American press praising Turkish-Islamic Union)If you establish Turkish-Islamic Union, it means that we in America will be delighted, in terms of a conception of foreign policy. That is the aim behind these reports appearing in the American press. Reports praising Turkish-Islamic Union keep appearing. Some wonder whether Israel or America will permit it. Both Israel and America will permit it. Israel really wants Turkish-Islamic Union, and America, too. Why should they not? Anarchy and terror will cease, bigotry and disgrace will cease, poverty will cease, so why should they not want it? It will be in their favor and everyone’s favor. Everyone will be free. Who would not want such a life? The reports appearing in the papers are an expression of a conception of U.S. foreign policy. America will not make an official statement, but it makes its statement like that, through the press.

  • (About the Mavi Marmara)What Israel must do is to apologize politely and pay compensation. Turkey is in the right on this subject, completely in the right. How can they explain away shooting a young person in the face? Someone unarmed. There is no need for us to await an apology. They should have apologized without us saying nothing. That would have been the proper, respectful thing to do. But in my opinion, they will apologize in the end. There is an unnecessary tension. That will also come to an end, insha’Allah. We want to see Israel inside the Turkish-Islamic Union. We will see it as a part of the Turkish-Islamic Union. Israel and Armenia in particular are key nations here.
  • Muslims have to show the world how protective and affectionate they are. They always portray Muslims as the enemies of Christians and Jews. But when the opportunity arises, when the world sees the affection shown toward Jews and Christians, then they will better see what a warm and loving religion Islam is. Just as in the time of the Messenger of Allah (saas). In the same way that the Messenger of Allah (saas) would spread out his cloak before them to welcome the People of the Book, that Muslims migrated to Christians in times of trouble. Insha’Allah, in that same spirit, we will do everything that the Prophet (saas) did and will show this to the world. The idea of killing Jews and Christians wherever they may be, of persecuting them with hatred and savagery, is incompatible with the Qur’an. There is an oppressive system invented by certain fanatics in order to impress and influence certain circles and gather support. But we have to act in the light of the provisions of the Qur’an. Allah explicitly refers to Christians in the Qur’an. Allah tells us that those who call themselves Christians will be close to us. Some people see no command in that verse. Allah tells us to call on Christians to say ‘La ilaheillAllah.’ But they do not act on that verse. There are several provisions regarding Christians in the Qur’an, not just these verses. There are also several actions in the Sunnah of our Prophet (saas). But if you do not act on the facts, then you are not abiding by the Qur’an. If you do not accept these verses, you are renouncing the faith. I do not say that Christianity or Judaism are the true religion. The true faith is Islam. Everybody knows that. But people need to know that they have to show affection and protection to Christians and Jews. We can win those people over to Islam through moral virtues and love. We cannot win them over with aggression and exclusion or by killing and murdering people. Therefore, a policy based on hatred has no place in Islam. Almighty Allah tells us to speak the gentlest words. He tells us only to argue with them in the very kindest way. People swear and talk about murder. Is that the kindest way of arguing? The kindest way is that which is full of affection and respect and tries to win them over. We need to adopt a style that will win everyone over. The Prophet Moses (as) even tried to win Pharaoh over, the dajjal of his day. The Prophet Ibrahim (as) even tried to win Namrud over. He tried to call him to the true path. If it is all right to preach to Pharaoh and Namrud, why not to Christians and Jews? Why not treat them with kindness? 
  • We can marry the People of the Book. A Muslim man can marry a Christian or Jewish woman. He can say, this is my wife, my spouse, my beloved. The children will call her their darling mother. The children will not call her a damned kafir. Nor will the man call her a damned woman when he marries her. What will he call her? My love, my darling. It is therefore unlawful to try to distort Islam and not abide by the Qur’an. The Qur’an says we can also eat what they eat. One can eat food prepared by Christians and Jews who sayla ilaheillAllah. The verse stresses this and says we may marry them. Allah says we may marry their women. In a verse of the Qur’an. He also tells us only to argue with them in the gentlest way and call on them to sayla ilahaillAllah. So there can be no aggressive and bigoted approach in Islam. Some fanatical types do this as a kind of cheap heroism, to win the appreciation of those around them, even though they do not believe in it and know it is oppression. Because such people enjoy a reputation among certain circles as resolute Muslims who never make concessions on the faith. They say that people who bomb, kill, maim and slaughter are real Muslims who never compromise. Yet it is actually they who compromise and fail to abide by the Qur’an. Allah has told us what behavior is compatible with the Qur’an, and we can turn to no other form of behavior and find no other path. We have to behave affectionately if we want to win Allah’s approval. Anything else is the way of satan and the dajjal, and is unbecoming of a Muslim. Because Allah tells us to call on Christians to say La ilahaillAllah as a beginning. That pleases Allah. Allah likes them to say La ilahaillAllah. Because such people are showing their friendship for Allah, their love for Him. And in order for them to be Allah’s friend, for Him to love them, they have to do what He says, in other words be Muslims, and abide by the Qur’an. Allah sees nothing wrong in their saying La ilahaillAllah. He regards it as a beautiful thing. If He saw anything wrong with it, He would not have revealed it in the Qur’an. That means it is a command, and meaningful, and Allah wishes it because it pleases Him. Therefore, Muslims must strive to encourage Christians to say La ilahaillAllah.

Say, ‘People of the Book! come to a proposition which is the same for us and you – that we should worship none but Allah and not associate any partners with Him and not take one another as lords besides Allah.’ If they turn away, say, ‘Bear witness that we are Muslims.’ (Surah Al ‘Imran, 64)

  • Almighty Allah says that priests and men of religion will come up with such propositions, but he tells us not to abide by them instead of Him. He says it is Allah who issues commandments. Some ignorant Muslims regard their own sheikhs as being able to issue commandments, and they also regard their own priests and clergymen as issuing commandments instead of Allah. Allah says that this is wrong, that it is Allah who issues pronouncements, insha’Allah.
  • We must be men of peace, love and friendship. We must seek that which is most beautiful. Love and friendship are delightful things, forgiveness is a good thing, but some people do not want it. They enjoy insulting and attacking people, enmity. That is unbelievable. People enjoy honey and sweet pastries. But those people prefer poison and fire. It is very odd. Very few people espouse goodness and beauty.
  • If we go and ask a 10-year-old Armenian “Do you know what those murderers did to us? You are a vile nation, quite evil.” Then that child will say that he never hurt anyone, won’t he? Attaching blame to those who actually did the deed is one thing, but what crime did innocent Armenians, who detest killing and are full of love, young Armenian boys and girls, ever commit? Why should we hate them? They served the Ottoman Empire in its time, and were justly known as the Loyal Nation. They performed huge services for the nation, in art and science and medicine. They occupied key posts in the Ottoman Empire. They are very meek and mild. When did these things happen? When Darwinism entered the Ottoman Empire, after Darwinist and materialist thinking had found their way into the Empire. Then they became fascists and communists. And when a fascist becomes a Darwinist he has to kill. That is why they did that. Whose fault is it? Darwinism, materialism, communist thinking, the way of the dajjal and people who actually did the killing.


KahramanmarasAksu TV; Gaziantep Olay TV, 22 January 2011

It is He Who has appointed the stars for you so you might be guided by them in the darkness of the land and sea. We have made the signs clear for people who have knowledge. (Surat al-An’am, 97)

  • We see where we are going on our navigation systems, the route the car needs to take. This is done by way of a few satellites. It shows the car where to go. Our destination is clear. We find our destination as if we had put it there ourselves. Allah says He has created stars to guide us. This also happens thanks to data coming from satellites. When we look at the sky, we see satellites shining like stars. They shine in the heavens like stars. Satellites in the sky shine very bright. They are even brighter than stars. That is one thing the Qur’an is referring to. Because it is a system that guides our way.

It is He Who sends down water from the sky from which We bring forth growth of every kind, and from that We bring forth the green shoots and from them We bring forth close-packed seeds, and from the spathes of the date palm date clusters hanging down, and gardens of grapes and olives and pomegranates, both similar and dissimilar. Look at their fruits as they bear fruit and ripen. There are Signs in that for people who have iman. (Surat al-An’am, 99)

  • Allah tells us to think of fruit. He wants us to reflect on it. Allah wants us to give thanks for that fruit He has created. The peel is bright, the flesh is lovely, the smell is delightful, and its acid is lovely and the level of sugar in it just right. It contains fat and protein, carbohydrate and just about every kind of vitamin and mineral. The water in it is fresh and. And it has a glorious texture. Its scent is lovely. Allah bestows these things on us. Some people say this all came about by chance. That is terrible lack of conscience. Allah will take all those blessings back from them in the hereafter. Since they believe it is all the work of chance, they will have to eat fruit like that which really might have emerged by chance. And they will not like it at all, insha’Allah.

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