Evolution Hoax

Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 16 May 2011

A9 TV, Adıyaman Asu TV, 16 May 2011  

  • Ignorant people will infest the way of the Mahdi’s progress. If a person says he is a follower of the Mahdi, then there is an infestation of ignorance (on him). If one says he is saddened, then there can be no way of the Mahdi, but something else. It means these people are attached to this world, people of this world. If you say you are a follower of the Mahdi, then there will inevitably be an attack. That is quite acceptable. If there is no attack, then the way of the dajjal (antichrist) has not infested matters. How can there be a way of the Mahdi that is not bothered by the way of the dajjal? That means there is no way of the Mahdi then. Is there a bothersome infestation? Then we have the way of the Mahdi. So you can relax about that. The more attacks that are made, the better. The fewer the attacks, the less power the way of the Mahdi will have. The more power of resistance it has, the greater its intellectual destructive power, by the law of Allah. The way of the Mahdi is a ship sailing on a sea of troubles. Otherwise it would not be the way of the Mahdi. A ship sailing in the dark will go forward by giving off light; that is its nature. 
  • Being accused of madness is a great blessing for me. A great honor. The Qur’an reveals that our Prophet (saas) was called crazy. That is great. The great strugglers striving on Allah’s path have always been called crazy. They said that Bediuzzaman was insane. That is a great honor, masha’Allah.  And it is documented, not just made up. They will say that Hazrat Mahdi (as) is insane when he comes, because the Mahdi (as) is the essence of all the prophets. He will also be called insane. They will say he is a sorcerer and a liar and a trickster. He will be slandered in many ways. But we are the followers and supporters of that blessed one, insha’Allah. 

2011-05-30 11:03:53

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