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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 05 June 2011

A9 TV; Kanal Avrupa; Çay TV, 5 June 2011

  • It is the way of the Mahdi, Turkish-Islamic Union, that will solve the Israel-Palestine problem. There is a totally unnecessary struggle going on in the region. There is enough land for everyone. There is an unnecessary greed. Wherever we look, we can see the way of the Mahdi is the answer. Wherever we look we the oppression of the way of the dajjal (antichrist). Wherever we look, we see that the way of the Mahdi needs to start work as a matter of urgency.


  • The King Messiah awaited by the Jews is the same person as the Mahdi (as). The important thing is the global dominion of Islamic moral values, Islamic Union, people being free and nobody being persecuted for his beliefs. For people to be able to live freely on their own lands and for there to be no greed for land. Let Muslims and Jews be free to settle anywhere and go where they like, insha’Allah.
  • Those lands should be an abode of peace, a place of love. They must live as they wish throughout those lands under the shadow and light of the way of the Mahdi (as) and within Islamic Union. There is no need to surround them with concrete blocks and walls and barbed wire and minefields. Palestinians, Israelis and Christians will be able to live freely there. The protection and watchful eye I am talking about is not us doing them a favor. It is Allah’s command. Allah wants people to be protected and watched over. Allah even wants unbelievers to be watched over and protected. “Then convey them to a place where they are safe.” He says in one verse. In other words, there is nothing for anyone to be proud and arrogant over here. Of course there will be Israel there, and. But the borders must be eliminated. And they must live together in peace and brotherhood under the conception of love, compassion and understanding of the way of the Mahdi.

2011-06-15 13:55:39

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