Evolution Hoax

Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 12 June 2011


A9 TV, harunyahya TV, 12 June 2011


  • I am opposed to reincarnation. There is no logic to reincarnation. They say someone will die, his soul will depart and enter another human being, but he will emerge as another person. He has a different body and soul. If he has a different soul, then he is a different person. Reincarnation is of no use to people. It is rejected by the Qur’an. There is no such thing. Where do they get the idea that Bektashis believe in reincarnation? Hajji Bektash prayed five times a day. I have many Bektashi and Alawite relatives. They are excellent people, devoted to the Qur’an and the truth, and they do not believe in reincarnation.
  • The way our Prophet (saas) was never martyred is a great marvel. The sole aim of the pagans in Arab society was to martyr the Prophet (saas). He was surrounded by fighting on all sides. He was left all alone and continued fighting for hours. And nothing happened to him? Is that normal? It is a miracle, in my view. Enough all by itself. Someone dives into a crowd of people who surround him and whose only wish is to kill him, and he uses no armor. Because Allah says in a verse that He will protect him. Our prophet (saas) used to wear a double layer of armor. But after the revelation of that verse he removed it and went to war unarmored, and nothing happened to him. They had swords, spears, bows and arrows and did all they could to kill him. Being surrounded means you cannot see behind you. What might have happened among the hundred people all round him?
  • If people genuinely believe and are joyful, their artistic prowess grows. Excellent architecture appears. They can make very good films. But if people lose joy, their brains shrivel up. The blood vessels in their brain shrink, no blood reaches the brain. They can no longer think or talk properly. Their horizons narrow. They become depressed. They have no creativity, by Allah’s will. But joy of faith expands one’s horizons. People can make great statues and build giant facilities and lovely gardens. Painters can produce fine pictures, for example. If a sculptor is possessed by love, he can make great statues. Scientists make great discoveries. People who speak open up our minds. We feel great joy when we enter a store. Or when we go out. When one gets into a car one develops a great joy and happiness stemming from the joy and happiness of the driver. It is a chain reaction. It triggers a reaction. When there is unhappiness in society, an unhappy chain reaction is set off. For example, the boss comes to work and is unhappy. The staff then pick up on that and become unhappy. But if he is happy, that spreads all around in a chain reaction. That is what Hazrat Mahdi (as) will do. He will set off a chain of love. But Allah will give him his true strength when Hazrat Mahdi (as) has been given that authority. That strength is increased many times over. Then Allah will start to bestow blessings on people.
  • There are always two forces. God and evil. We must not abandon intelligent people, good people. There are few of these people in the country. We need to look after them. Such talented people with principles and great ideals, honest people with a cause, must be supported. Someone may not be strong enough alone, but if such people support you, you also become a man with a cause. This is very important. To support someone, a high-quality person. Because not everyone has the spirit of leadership. Not everyone has that strength. But someone who does must be supported.
  • Non-Muslims must also be brought to love our Prophet (saas). They must be followers of Muhammad. Not to love the Prophet (saas) is a violation of good conscience. Why do they not love the Prophet (saas)? Let them tell me. There are millions of aspects to love in him. He was the loveliest person in the world. A blessed person. Everything is compatible with reason and logic when we look at the Qur’an. There is not one inconsistency. Everything is compatible with science. He was a lovely person and devoted his life to spreading Islam and the Qur’an. He was called Muhammad al-Amin (the Trustworthy) prior to the prophethood. He was totally honest. And he never lied once. He was so honest. They believe in the Prophet Abraham (as), Isaac, Jacob and Ishmael, but not in Muhammad! What kind of logic is that? I am amazed how Jews do not believe in the Prophet Jesus (as). The Prophet Jesus (as) was a radiant and lovely prophet. Why not believe in him? He never said, “I am Allah.” May Allah forbid! He never said any such thing. He called people to Allah and the Qur’an. And he said he was a prophet. He never said he was Allah. Not loving the Prophet Jesus (as) or the Prophet Muhammad (saas) means that one has a damaged conscience. It is out of the question. Of course one must enter the Kaaba as a follower of Muhammad. One must enter the Kaaba with love of the Prophet Jesus (as). And with love of the Prophet Abraham (as).

(The persecution of Muslims in Uzbekistan)

  • Why is the regime so harsh? There are two possibilities. Either the administration has fallen under the control of the alleged terror organization, or else they may have developed a fear of bigotry. They may be scared of bigotry. The communists are also very aggressive. There is nothing calm and tranquil about them. Education levels in the country are generally low. People sometimes become aggressive. They are very prone to street protests. That person (Karimov) is not that lacking in conscience. They should talk to him. And why is he so worried about the students of the Nur? The students of the Nur are very tranquil people. If it were left to them, the country would be very fine and fertile. Very well off. But he imagines they will destroy the State since he does not know the law of Allah. But that man would not be so afraid if the Muslims there concentrated on the State, secularism and democracy. Yet there can be many other things behind this. If the alleged terror organization Ergenekon has taken over the administration, there would not be much he could do. Because it is a despotic organization. This subject must be kept in the public agenda.
  • The world must concentrate on love. Most people have no love. This is a terrible scourge and people are very unhappy. It is a national tragedy, a tragedy for the Nation. A disaster. The whole world should be declared to be in a state of emergency. Lovelessness is a terrible affliction. Lack of trust is a terrible affliction. Why should people fear other people? It is a disgrace for people to fear one another. People should love one another with joy. But fear is everywhere in the world, and suffering is unrestrained. People distrust one another. Everyone is on tranquilizers. But people would be happy if joy prevailed. They would be very healthy. We are being out through a brief test. This world is like an exam for paradise, insha’Allah. We will learn proper moral values, insha’Allah.
  • It is true that the Day of Reckoning is imminent. People will see that from major events as of 2012. There will be huge disasters. There will be no respite. Everyone will see that something extraordinary is going on. The day used to go on forever. The weekend would never come. The day now ends in a moment. People sleep, eat and it is suddenly evening and the day is over. People go to work and come back and that is the day over. They have no time to breathe. They wonder where the time goes. But previously, the time went on forever. The proximity of the Day of Reckoning will further strengthen our ties of brotherhood. The proximity of the Day of Reckoning will encourage love.
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