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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 15 June 2011


A9 TV, 15 June 2011                 

  • Women in Syria will cry out “Where are the Muslims?” and children and old men in Afghanistan will cry out “Where are the Muslims?”. While they will say he is a collective personality. Or they will say that Hazrat Mahdi (as) was Bediuzzaman, that he has come and gone. Or they will say that Hazrat Mahdi (as) was the Risale-i Nur. They produce vague accounts and vague environments. Islam is still in a leaderless, wretched state. They are continuing to be saddened and suffer, to be fragmented and defeated. You cannot have Islam without a leader. There has to be a leader. There can be no conception of a way of the Mahdi that will leave Muslims leaderless.
  • Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be very handsome, and loved by the public, insha’Allah.  But even though he walks among them, they will see him but not recognize them. But he will recognize them. Our Prophet says, “He is like Joseph (as). His brothers could not recognize the Prophet Joseph (as).”  And the public will not recognize Hazrat Mahdi (as), even though they see him. Not even though he looks them in the eye.
  • They refer to the way of the Mahdi in a roundabout way by speaking of the “Arab Spring.” However, the spring that Bediuzzaman spoke of is the way of the Mahdi. “We came in winter, and you will come to in a spring,” he says. That is the Islamic Spring, not the Arab Spring. It will be the Arab Spring, and the Turkish Spring, and the Albanian Spring and the Kurdish Spring. Such springs cannot be explained. There is the Spring of Islam. And the reference to the Ottoman model there is the way of the Mahdi.

(About the report concerning the Egyptian scholar’s call for Islamic Union)

  • This has happened, masha’Allah. The teachers have begun speaking out in ones and twos. Yet tens of thousands of teachers should be loudly declaiming it. One person says it and it appears in the papers, "have you heard that this teacher has demanded Islamic Union?” they ask. One person says that. But that is the duty of all Muslims, so what are they waiting for? What is the harm in it? Who will suffer by it? It will make everyone happy, a system in which all will rejoice. A system that will be instrumental in all being happy.      
  • And some people say, “We are waiting for the Ottoman caliphate.” But the Ottoman Empire collapsed years ago. There is nothing left of the Ottoman caliphate.  Does the Prophet (saas) say the Ottoman caliphate will come? He says that “Hazrat Mahdi (as) will come.” And they say, “That is no concern of ours.” So the troubles keep right on. You disregard the words of the Prophet (saas). You await the Ottoman caliphate instead, off the top of your own head. That obviously will not happen. Is there any such thing as the Ottoman? Ask Almighty Allah to send a leader. Say, “May Almighty Allah send Muslims a spiritual leader.” The words Hazrat Mahdi (as) literally makes their hair stand on end. He is a manifestation of Allah’s title of “al-Hadi.” Our Prophet (saas) praised him. Allah imparts knowledge through revelation. He reveals things by way of Gabriel (as). There are hundreds, thousands of hadiths. It is a subject described in detail. But they never want to say a word when it comes to Hazrat Mahdi (as).
  • Everything does not end with the liberation of a single country or region. The important thing is the salvation of the Islamic world. There is the Egyptian problem. Solve that and it is all resolved, they say. Then what? Will you sit back and smoke your pipes? The answer is Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union. If people openly talk about and discuss Islamic Union, Allah will soon bring it about. Allah does not bestow what people do not want; His servants have to want it, then He will grant it. If just 10% of Muslims openly wanted it, if they wrote about it on their web sites and talked about it, then it would come about. Egypt is in disorder, what do you want, I ask. Nothing, just to live in comfort, they say. But Allah will grant no comfort in that case, only scourges and sickness. We did not come to this world to live in comfort. We came to be tested. They have to say they want Islamic Union and Turkish-Islamic Union, and then it will happen, insha’Allah.
  • Meetings are fine, but if the question of the Mahdi is not brought up at them people sit and drink tea and coffee, have a general chat and take their leave. They eat, drink and depart. The Organization of the Islamic Conference meets. It spends a huge amount of money, everyone turns up and stays in hotels, they eat and drink and chat, then return to their home countries. Nothing comes of it. If there is no desire for the way of the Mahdi, no determination, if there is no leader of the kind mentioned by Allah, then these meetings are just places where people eat and drink. Nothing else happens. They cannot get anywhere with them.
  • There is again an increase in the number of tornadoes. Allah is reminding us of the End Times. That is evidently the purpose. Hitherto unseen phenomena have started happening. The speed of the Sun is now declining, and that is also referred to. It has also appeared in newspaper reports. These are all signs of the approach of the Day of Reckoning. Allah makes them felt mildly or strongly.

(A response to a comment by a viewer demanding that the Israeli troops in the Mavi Marmara incident be put on trial)

True, they should be put on trial, but these troops are not in Turkey. They would be put on trial if they were in Turkey. We can only suggest it to Israel. But they will not try them. But this is not an isolated matter in the Islamic world. One million of our brothers have been martyred in Iraq. Are the people who martyred them not murderers, too? Should they not be put on trial, as well? Does it not involve these people, too? No. Because there is no spirit of the Islamic Union. The number of our brothers martyred in Afghanistan is nearly 2 million. These people are stone cold killers. They even cut their ears off and sent them to America. Should they not be out on trial, as well? Yes they should. But is anyone interested? No. They oppose Islamic Union solely for the sake of opposing Hazrat Mahdi (as). That is unacceptable. These things will not happen if Turkish-Islamic Union comes about. The crime lies with those who do not want Islamic Union. Those who do not want Turkish-Islamic Union are responsible. Judge yourself before judging others. Could they martyr people if we had Islamic Union? The reason why a young person is shot 3 or 4 times in the head is the absence of Islamic Union. You did not want Islamic Union, so there is no question of this or that person being judged instead. You will be judged in the Sight of Allah. You will be judged in the Hereafter for not wanting the way of the Mahdi and Islamic Union.

2011-06-27 12:57:05

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