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Revolution for violence against women!

What He Said?What Happened?

 Destan TV, 08 March 2009 

Adnan Oktar: For instance according to a research conducted in 2006, every 26 minutes a  family violence was experienced in Turkey. This is a shame. Child abuse, WOMEN ABUSE,harrassment and family violence, rape in family and incest are the incidents that are taken to the legal authorities least. How shameful this is…According to a research carried out in Turkey, the dimensions of family violence is quite great. According to surveys, 57 percent of women in Turkey are subjected to physical violence while 47 percent are subjected to sexual violence. 8 percent are raped within the family. This is sheer disgrace. An utter vileness. Against this, A REASONABLE CUSTOM MUST BE DEVELOPED. 

Kocaeli TV ve ABA TV, 25 December 02010

ALTUĞ BERKER: ...You drew attention to a particular peril. Many times you adviced to follow-up the people who use violence against people and animals for a certain period of time, because you told that such people would some time later commit a more severe crime. Indeed the court set a person free who frequently used violence against his wife because he told that he regretted it. The woman who was divorced from her husband but still feared from the threats of her former husband filed a criminal complaint against him and also asked for protection. However her demands were rejected since she was divorced. In a year the man murdered her, stabbing ten times in the middle of the street.

ADNAN OKTAR: What I said is very important. In such cases, that is if our sisters ever fall into the hands of such psychopats,they must absolutely inform both the prosecutors and police as well as reasonable, Muslims, devout people.

..Notice that I told this previously. They should warn the people around them. They should inform our Muslim brothers. Our nation is very resolute; they are nationalists, Muslims. But nobody are informed about these women.

...This aside, this is something fine. An undercover policeman can follow her for a week or a month. Besides, in such cases the man is dissuaded through legal means. He can be taken to the police station and kept there for a few hours. The police can inquire about his actions against the woman and then he is set free. The police is authorized to do so. Then he is once again taken to the police station in 10 days. He is questioned about his actions. THIS IS A LEGAL PROCESS; NOT LETTING HIM EVEN TO BREATHE AND TO MAKE HIM FEEL THAT THE POLICE IS CONSTANTLY HARD ON HIS TRAIL. IN THE CASE OF SUCH PEOPLE, POLICE MUST CONTINUOSLY MAKE HIS PRESENCE BE FELT. NEVER LAYING OFF AND EVEN MAKING HIM FEEL THAT HE HAS BEEN FOLLOWED.

...That is why insistent, unnerving follow-up is essential. He will know that he will never have the opportunity to act as he wills. ...


Türkiye, 12 May 2011




Vatan, 12 May 2011


A revolutionary step has ben taken for the prevention of violence against women. Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence and Domestic Violence Against Women was opened to signature in Istanbul.

Turkey has been one of the strongest supporters of the convention from the very begging of the preparations. Turkey also actively contributed in the preparation of the convention.

So far 13 countries; Turkey, being the foremost, have put a signature on the convention.

2011-07-26 11:22:13

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