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Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 29 July 2011

A9 TV; 29 July 2011


  • There is a communist movement in the southeast Turkey, a Stalinist movement, and it has thrived and grown. The organizational stage, the party stage is over. It has gained experience. It is a settled communist movement. Almost all European states, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Germany and Italy support the PKK terror organization. Including Greece. And what is worse is that China and the USA support it. China wants to establish a base there. It wants a country tied to communist China. Because that is important for its own strategy. In that event it will have caught East Turkestan in a pincer movement. Then they will be settled in a really strategic region. North Korea really wants it, too. North Korean and Chinese weapons will flood in if they become an independent state. They are planning to establish one of the largest armies in the world, a really aggressive one.

Some circles in America think that the PKK will be useful for the formation of a great Armenia and a great Israel. Yet such a system would annihilate Israel. That would be a terrible foolish system. It would also ruin Armenia.

What these circles in the USA really want is the Armageddon mentioned in the Gospel, a huge world war. In that case there will be no more Kurds or Armenians or Jews. My apologies to the American people, of course. They are fine and good people. But there are those among the evangelicals who want bloodshed, and it is them I am referring to. They are in charge of the U.S. secret state. We cannot clear the way for them.

The communist system is fixated about not going back. You cannot say, “I am giving up.” They will just shoot you. Since going back means death in the communist system, people are conditioned to keep moving forward. They cannot go back. They know what happen to them. That is why they do all they can to kill anyone who defects from the PKK. They have shot most of them, you know, those people who have confessed, or others. Even if there are just a few of them that is still enough to cow the others.

The most effective way of opposing the PKK, communist movement, the essential solution, is by waging an intellectual struggle. But nobody has so far talked about the intellectual struggle. Only I speak of it. And I shall continue to insist on the intellectual struggle. But that is the answer.


  • (About the famine in Somalia)

For example, there is a disaster in Pakistan and everyone coughs up money. Or they say we must collect money and give alms and charity. Pakistan has been devastated. But Somalia has been in a wretched state for as long as I can remember. There is constant talk of aid and they are constantly wretched. Sending aid is fine. But instead of all this organized activity you should be demanding Turkish-Islamic Union, and that will totally resolve the problem. If we had Turkish-Islamic Union, Somalia would be like Paris. Wealth, plenty and abundance would pour in. Pakistan is wretched. People in Morocco are wretched, and our brothers in Iraq are wretched, their children going barefoot. They are wretched in Moro and Chad and everywhere. They cannot even wash once a month. They only eat meat very rarely. They are living from hand to mouth.

Countries invest at least half their earnings in weapons. It goes on tanks and shells and bullets. But there will be no need for that with Turkish-Islamic Union. Arms will disappear. Money will not be spent on arms.

Turkish-Islamic Union is equivalent to the way of the Mahdi. Islamic Union is equivalent to the way of the Mahdi. But you can see how Allah is devastating the world because they refuse to talk about it and how He is showing the world that. Everyone is uneasy, there are suicides and people crying and shouting and starving to death … If they obeyed the command of the Messenger of Allah (saas), fulfilled the requirement for Islamic Union, and obeyed Allah and the Qur’an’s command, instead of suffering all this misery, then the matter would be resolved.

Let us imagine that one family gave a billion in cash. That would meet the needs of people in Somalia for two days at most. That money would not be enough. They do not only need food. They need shelter and medical services. There are millions of people there. Which one will you give money to? It is not enough. Not enough to turn the mills, as they say. But when we have Turkish-Islamic Union, money will flood in, goods and food will pour in, their material needs will pour in and the matter will be completely resolved. Our Prophet (saas) says that this is the way. He says this will happen in the time of the way of the Mahdi. Those who say, “No, we know better than the prophet” are responsible for this.

Instead of lamenting, they should be saying, “O Lord! Give us Turkish-Islamic Union, give us Islamic Union. Bring us the Mahdi and send us the Prophet Jesus (as).” Then Allah would heed their prayer. But some people persist in arrogance and obstinacy. And so these afflictions continue, too.

When there is a huge Turkish-Islamic Union army of 30 million, when we have Islamic Union, it will be highly deterrent, like NATO. They will discover the importance of democracy, manners, kindness, proper behavior and being a Muslim. There will be no need to describe them.

The solution is radical. The radical solution is Turkish-Islamic Union. There is no sense in pretending not to understand.

There is no need to do anything. The matter will be resolved if people say “I want Turkish-Islamic Union” in their families or when they go to the store. It will end for good. Say just one word on Facebook, say, “I want Turkish-Islamic Union.”

The reason why the economic crisis has not affected Turkey is the abundance of the way of the Mahdi. It is afflicting everywhere, and if it is not affecting Turkey, that is the reason, insha’Allah. Turkey is under Allah’s protection. It is under the protection of Allah.

  • (About a reference to the Gospel telling about there being an earthquake on the day the followers of the Prophet Jesus (as) were detained) 

This is important in terms of the emphasis of destiny. [There was an earthquake on the day of Mr. Adnan Oktar’s arrest]. We are arrested on that day, and there is an earthquake. Allah causes it as a distinguishing sign in destiny. There is an earthquake on the day when the followers of the Prophet Jesus (as) are arrested. That is also a determinant of destiny. It is significant in terms of pointing to destiny, insha’Allah.

  • (A response to a viewer who wants prayer “to get married, not for Islamic Union.”)

Some people do not care in the least about Islamic Union or Turkish-Islamic Union or Somalia or Afghanistan or Pakistan or East Turkestan. They do not care about the people being beaten in East Turkestan. You can see what they are preoccupied with, what they are concentrating on. They do not say, “Our brothers must pray for Islamic Union.” They have other priorities.

The apathy and collapse of conscience in some people... In East Turkestan they stretch Muslims out and break their arms. They crush the fingers of tiny children. They kick anyone in range. They take young girls away at midnight. They take them off to Mao’s brothels, tens or hundreds of thousands of young East Turkestan girls. But some people don’t care, they just worry about getting married. This person wants us to pray for him to get married. May Allah bring you to your senses and make you a supporter of Islamic Union, insha’Allah. That is what your most urgent need is.

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