Evolution Hoax

Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interviews on 27 September 2011


A9 TV; September 27th 2011


For one thing; the state will not side with it. The state can not advocate dialectical philosophy, materialist philosophy. The statehas to be objective; [in schools] both the Creationist and dialectic  philosophy must be included in the curriculum. Those who read them will decide for themselves. There is one-sided education. I always say this. Have you ever read in the textbooks that proteins could not have come into being by themselves? It is not written there. It is a scientific fact but it is not written. Now that the state advocates science, science must be expounded. Since the fact that a protein could not have come into being by itself, and all scientists have accepted it…There is no science in the textbooks published by the state. More than three hundred million fossils speak of  Creation. Can you see it in the books of the State? This is also non-existent. In terms of science the State has to be objective. Materialism is a creed. The State can not advocate materialism. It has to  present the two views together. It can not intervene in it.

Many hodjas have errors. Every view has a particular point of view. For instance, our Shia brothers have errors in their viewpoint. So do the Wahhabis, Sunnis, Hanafis, Shafiis, Malikis and Hanbalis. Everyone has errors. Every person has mistakes. I am also a human, I also have mistakes. The hodjas, sheikhs have mistakes. Everyone is criticized. We will be brothers. We will love one another. A mindset based on hatred is unacceptable. We respect people’s views. We can say, “Master, I do not agree with you in this and that respect.” But we do not hate them. We do not approach them with rage. Then no one sees another. Everyone may have mistakes. We love everyone with his mistakes and feel compassion, but we do notagree with those mistakes.  We can agree with  their comments that are to the point.There are hodjas who have been instrumental in the conversion of many young people into Islam.There have been many a people who have come to love Islam by their means. This is a service rendered to Islam. We can criticize their erroneous aspects but there is no need to show disrespect.

Prophet Jesus (as) is amazing. Hazrat Mahdi (as) seems reasonable to me but Prophet Jesus’ (as) metaphysical aspect is very intensive. It is a very stupendous thing for a person to remain in a different dimension for 2000 years and then return to this world. A very great and striking incident.

Our Prophet (saas) described  Hazrat Mahdi (as) 1,400 years ago. Indeed, there is reference to him in the 3,000 year old Torah and also in the Psalms. He is just like how our Prophet (saas) and Torah describes him. It is amazing that he appears just like how he is depicted. This is astonishing and perfectly in compliance with the Law of Allah. For instance, Bediuzzaman says, “Hazrat Mahdi (as) does not know himself. Even he does not know himself.” This is astonishing. All the signs will be in compliance with him, but that blessed person will not know himself. He will not notice himself. He will not consider himself to be him; he will simply say, “What if?”. That is striking. At the beginning he will not know it himself.

The world goes through a suffering . In every domination, such sufferings happen. It was also the case in the time of Prophet Solomon (as). Before the dominion of Prophet Solomon (as), there was first a tremendous suffering. It was also the case with Dhu’l-qarnayn and now the same process is at work. This is a very amazing Law of Allah. Allah has a law and it is at work, masha’Allah.

The heavens and earth are cracking up, masha’Allah. The armies of satan are in panic; they flee like crazy. Those who side with Allah continue to enlighten the heavens and earth with science and love. This is the good news. We have been receiving such good news from every place. The issue will be over when everyone of us do it, because the followers of satan try to educate people in a very sly manner. They have TV channels, radio channels, the Internet, newspapers, magazines. Satan also has its means. They work craftily. 

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