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Israeli political adviser Mr. Moshe Amirav: People who don't believe in Allah cannot find a political solution to Jerusalem

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with Mr. Moshe Amirav on A9 TV dated December 8th, 2011

MOSHE AMIRAV: I am very happy to hear these things. It is a pleasure for me, because I am a believer, I believe in Allah, although I call Him with a different name. I believe that there is a destiny of peace in Jerusalem because Jerusalem is called in the Bible, “City of Peace”. But from my experience in Camp David, in the conference of [former Israeli] Prime Minister [Ehud] Barak, I was there, I was his assistant at the time, and I was with [former U.S.] President Clinton, I get the impression that people who don't believe in Allah wouldn't be able to find a political solution to Jerusalem. So since then, since this conference, I've been having contacts with religious people, Muslims and Christians and Jews in order to find a solution that has nothing to do with sovereignty. No flag of Israel should be at Haram Ash-Sharif, no flag of Palestine should be there, it should be the flag of Allah. And if this is the solution, then I believe Israelis and Palestinians can find a solution. What is your opinion about this idea?
ADNAN OKTAR: Excellent, excellent, excellent. I really liked what you have just said. Everybody has witnessed that neither peace nor love, nor economy can recover in the world with a materialist mindset, because people are not beings made up of metal or stone. They are beings made up of souls. And the soul cannot find ease in something other than the true religion. They cannot find ease in something other than the love of Allah; in anything other than the remembrance of Allah. Otherwise the world turns into Hell. In order to experience a world similar to Paradise people must love Allah with a profound love. And we do love Allah with a profound love But of course, we do not love Allah with love in order to turn this world into Paradise. The world turns into Paradise because we love Allah.


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