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Knesset political adviser Prof. Avraham Diskin asks about the hostility towards Israelis

PROF. AVRAHAM DISKIN: In Israel, there is a lot of concern about the present regime in Iran, which seems to be very hostile to Israel, for instance not only denying the Holocaust of the Second World War but calling once again for the elimination of the state of Israel. I'd like to ask what Mr. Oktar thinks about it?

ADNAN OKTAR: These are empty dreams, of course. Such a thing will never ever happen. The Qur'an explicitly states that the Jews will live in and remain in Israel. Nobody can prevent that. Israel is destined to remain there. There is mutual interaction in Iran. There is a mass fixation with Iran. Shiite belief has this idea of the invisible Mahdi. [According to this belief] he has been lost for 1,000 years, and occasionally appears to a few people, and he tells them his ideas. That is what they believe. There is a notion of blood-shed in this kind of belief system. That is why they have these dreams of the elimination of Israel, of Israeli children hiding behind stones and trees, but the stones and trees will tell them they are hiding there, and they will also destroy them in a huge genocide. This is horrible and repellent, of course. It is a belief which is a sin for Muslims, it is murder. It is diametrically opposed to Islam and the Qur'an. Persecution is therefore never pleasing to Allah. It is again the Mahdi, the King Messiah, who will get rid of this false belief in Iran. There are such false beliefs in much of the Islamic world. I mean there are such false beliefs in Sunni creed as well.  In other words, there are many bigots, many extremists who hold erroneous views, and want to butcher Alawites and Bektashis. That is why Allah is showing everyone that the King Messiah is essential if this bloodshed, persecution and cruelty are to disappear from the world. All these things will disappear in the time of the Mahdi, the King Messiah. If they say they attach no importance to this, then the antichrist will devastate the world. But if they do attach importance to the Mahdi, the King Messiah, then Allah will lift that scourge from them, and they will live in peace and security.

2012-02-24 15:42:34

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