Evolution Hoax

Doors are dimensions and blessings come to us through them.


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated May 30th 2012


ADNAN OKTAR: We pray to Allah saying; "O Lord, please give us coolness." Almighty Allah says; "switch on a button and I will give you coolness." Allah makes it [that button] instrumental in attaining coolness. It is Allah Who switches on that button as well. And He gives us coolness all of a sudden. Allah deems that machine instrumental in that. Allah gives us an image of a machine inside our brains. Look Allah has created a door there and the door is almost a dimension. The doors of all the houses constitute a different dimension. For instance the door opens to the street all of a sudden, to a brand new world. Once you hold that handle of the door -Allah is the One Who opens that door as well- you go into a brand new world from that dimension. Or, for instance, you go into the world of that house from a different world. Windows and doors are all doors for dimensions created by Allah. They are the doors for blessings.  Blessings come to us through doors, beauties come to us through doors. Our friends come to us through the doors, our loved ones come to us through the doors. They come through the doors and go out from the doors. Doors constitute dimensions. Allah deems doors instrumental for that. There are door in the Heaven and there are doors in the Hell as well. They are all dimensions. Allah deems them instrumental for switching in between dimensions. Where did you go out from? I went out from the door.  Which door? The door inside your head. Where is the door outside? Do you see it? No. We just believe in it, we believe in its existence. 

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