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A big plot is on stage to divide our country. Our people should be in unity and very careful against that.


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 1st, 2013


ADNAN OKTAR: PKK would not give up attacks, they would not give up their communist ideals. From time to time they say that they will go on a hunger strike and it turns into a great incident. Something else happens and it turns into another great incident. In a country someone might step up and say "If you do not give the southeast to us, we will kill ourselves." That would not be our concern. That would be his own fault.   We cannot hand over our lands to such a group of people, to PKK. Consequently this is an impossible situation that we would never ever accept. Never! We have to forge alliance and strive to establish the Unity of Islam in Turkey. We have to unite with the Islamic World and generate a force. There would be no solution other than that.

DİDEM ÜRER: Yes, insha'Allah.

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes.. Well my brother, these people are determined to divide Turkey. Look now I am warning the people of my country. An enormous trouble is hanging over Turkey. There is a plot on stage to divide Turkey and drive Turkish people out of Anatolia. Our people should act in union against that. The families of martyrs, the nationalist fraction, our devout brothers and sisters, all those that love their homeland and their people should be careful against that plot. They are very determined to do so. A big plot is on stage. They are testing the waters. If they see any slackness, if they become convinced that there will be no resistance, they will disintegrate Turkey. Our people should be very alert. I am saying this openly. I wouldn't have said this if I hadn't seen a great risk. I mean they are really very determined. Our people should strongly avoid coming out against each other by being divided into parties. All the supporters of MHP, AKP, Felicity Party, BBP and all of them should become one and ready to resist against this great danger. If we act determined enough they will not be able to disintegrate us. Now, they are only testing us to see if we have a resistance or not. They are just checking us to see if we will object and resist. And they started to proceed slowly. Well, beware! Our people should be very careful about this, insha'Allah. 

2013-01-18 09:55:14

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