Evolution Hoax

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2019-2021 are the years the system of the antichrist will withdraw and collapse. But the years in between are the years of disaster. I have told the Freemasons as well, I have told them that this bloodshed would not stop, that it will continue. I would have said so if it were to stop but it will come to an end after a while. People will have to endure this, not by getting sad but by submitting themselves to God.


2000 years has passed yet when the Jesus Messiah wakes up he would think that the Roman soldiers are at the door. He would think that he just dozed off for a second. Yet in the meantime he had been raised to the Presence of God in a thousand years and been sent back to the world in another thousand years.


2014 will be full of action, let me say it this much. That is the year in which a great relief will come upon Muslims as well. I mean the year 2014 will be a year in which Islam, the statements of the Qur'an would exuberantly flow, insha'Allah.


2.5 MILLION PEOPLE ARE BELOW THE HUNGER LINE IN AFGHANISTAN. THAT IS THE SYSTEM OF DAJJAL (ANTI-CHRIST). If the way of the dajjal is killing and burning, then the system of Hazrat Mahdi (as) has to be there to oppose it. The system of dajjal has itself talked about day and night. So why do you not want to hear about the system of the Mahdi?


2012, 2014 AND 2022 WILL BE OURS. No power can stop this. I CHALLENGE IN THE NAME OF ALLAH. No country can make it stop. America and Europe will not be able to do anything. Because we will be protecting them as well. We look at them with compassion. We would like to save and protect them as they are all servants of Allah.


2.2.2022, 22.00 HOURS. LET THEM NOT FORGET THESE NUMBERS. This is a date with a special significance. LET THEM JOT THEM DOWN SOMEWHERE, AND THEY WILL SEE. It is a reference to Hazrat Mahdi (as), the greatest spiritual guide there has ever been.


2012 is a vital year; the year which the system of Mahdi is rising.

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