Evolution Hoax

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Our Prophet (saas) was ummi. Prophet Abraham (pbuh) did not graduate from a school. But all the prophets were incredibly refined and wise. A person who is sincerely very close to God becomes a very high quality person.


Our everything belongs to God. Some people –may God forbid- resent God because, for example, they get ill. They forget that both themselves and their bodies belong to God. A believer, on the other hand, always sides with God.


Organ donation is acceptable in religion. But it must be medically assured that death has definitely taken place. A person on life support should not be unplugged.


One of the reasons I use beautiful pictures in my books is to remind people of, and to make people see, God’s beautiful artistry.


One earns their place in Heaven by working to earn the approval of God.


Our disabled brothers and sisters should never be charged for the medical treatment they receive.


Our brothers and sisters can ask any questions to me. I’m only averse to the repulsive language of loveless people.


Only in a safe environment dominated by kindness and love, where women are respected, can ladies be at ease and comfortable.


Our happiness stems from our love for God.


Our Syrian guests came here to escape death. We are happy to be able to help them.


Only if ladies are seen as gifts from God, ladies can live truly comfortably and safe and be shown the respect they deserve. Feminism and other similar pursuits cannot ensure that.


One should live according to the Qur’an, rather than only memorize it. At our Prophet’s time, there were some scribes, and they memorized the revelation but they still turned out to be hypocrites.


Our Prophet (saas) was a very modern, cheerful, extroverted person. Every prophet was the most modern person of his day.


Our Prophet (saas) foretold that Prophet Jesus, when he returns, would have a student group of 1,400 people composed of both men and women.


Opposition is necessary for progress and development. But it is important to be constructive and positive at all times.


Orthodox, traditional Muslims are so convinced that women should not be free and that there should be no art, nothing beautiful, as soon as they see something pleasant, they immediately reject it.


Our traditional orthodox brothers/sisters are almost suffocating themselves with fabricated rules. They made themselves an easy target for the disbelief system.


Only through mutual love and standing united can Muslims stop the blood lust of the dajjali movement. This will be accomplished by means of the Mahdi movement.


On the night of July 15th (the night of the coup attempt), we witnessed myriad miracles of God. God protected Turkey through countless miracles, and thwarted the plans of the coup plotters.


Our young viewers are very cultured, vivacious, enlightened. We all respect all their ideas, we love them all.

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1-20 / Total: 608
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