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Başkent TV,  March 6th, 2009

Adnan Oktar: Third, as I always say, all hospitals, public or private, must be free of charge, otherwise that is just another penalty imposed on the sick. In other words, someone has cancer and is told this will cost you 100 or 150 billion lira, otherwise you can go somewhere else. That is a terrible thing. You go to hospital and they demand money from you. And 100-150 billion, what is more. As you wish. Take it or leave it.  But the state can do that. The public must demand it. Let us propose it. Let a bill be introduced. The patient should be treated very well. I hear how patients are humiliated and distressed. They make them wait in lines. Sick people cannot be made to wait in line. As soon as they arrive they should be made welcome, asked about their symptoms, put at  ease, given drugs free of charge and sent on their way. The whole Turkish nation has a responsibility toward the sick. We all have a responsibility. How can you tell a sick person to fend for himself? To sell his home or his car? That is outrageous. That person is already in a  wretched way. He can barely stand up, and then they add insult to injury by saying they want to take his home and his car, as well. That means punishing him for being ill, but we have a duty to care for him because of his sickness because that earns great merit, insha’Allah. We are exposed to a great and immaculate test, and we have to earn merit in that test by helping him. So money must not be taken from the sick. Sick people should be given money and enabled to go back home .

Çay TV,  March 11th, 2009  

Adnan Oktar: Every sick person is our responsibility as a nation. It is not a crime to be ill. It is a source of honor, and it is under our responsibility. If our brother is ill, he is now our responsibility. He is entrusted to us as a nation. We must look after him. We must be responsible for his food and drink, his comfort, his happiness, his treatment and everything. You cannot take money from the sick. The cancer patient must be able to go to the best hospital, a first-class hospital; he must be given superb treatment there, and shown respect and love. They must put him up in fine, large rooms. Religious conversation must be provided and his morale  must be kept up because morale is very important in such diseases, as you know. But you are making people sell their homes and cars and demanding all the money they have in the bank. You make them take out loans, then you provide treatment. Whether the treatment works is another matter. But you are adding insult to injury both by not showing love and respect and by dealing people a severe financial blow. The sick must not be made to pay; we must ensure that as a matter of national pride. Such a thing is totally unacceptable.


Radikal, December 14th, 2012

If the SGK’s (Social Security Institution) new plan becomes law, a contribution will be received depending on the drug. No money for drugs will be taken from the cancer patient, with people taking pain killers financing the drug itself.

2013-02-10 01:09:48

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