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Noah's Ark has been found

What He Said?What Happened?

Mavi Karadeniz TV, February 10-2009

Presenter: I would like to ask another question from another viewer, “How could the flood of Noah have happened? Could you please give details? Do you think that the Ark built by Noah will be found in the End Times?”

Adnan Oktar: Allah knows the truth. BOTH NOAH’S ARK and Arc of the Covenant , as well as the original of Torah will be found. Actually the original Gospel was found and it is being stored in a secret case in an important official building in Turkey.

Kral Karadeniz TV, January 30-2009

Adnan Oktar: Judi is mountain. It means mountain anyway.  Any mountain. Allah knows the truth. We are not sure that it is the Mount Judi; it can also be the Mount Agri, the Mount Judi or some other mountain.

It is from this region but probably in the time of the Hazrat Mahdi (as) parts of the Ark will be found; there are signs leading to this. Probably some fossilized wooden parts, trees belonging to the BODY of the Ark and other details about its place will be found insha’Allah.

Vatan, April 27-2010

Noah’s Ark Has Been Found

“We found Noah’s Ark and We Even Stepped Inside”

Turkish Journal, May 15-2010

Abc News, April 28-2010

Fox News, April 27-2010

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