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Sunnis and Alevis will live as brothers

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Ekin TV, February 16, 2009

Adnan Oktar:We have squelched those who wanted to make mischief by discriminating between Sunnis and Alevis. We have faced them down so they can’t speak from now on. Alevis and Sunnis are brothers. Kurdish and Turkish people are brothers. There is no racial discrimination, no discrimination among religious sects. We will insha’Allah take this case to the end like buildings welded together with concrete.  This is destiny; so no one can prevent this. Mischief recoiled on those who sought to make mischief. Allah prevented them. No one would be deceived by this. They can never split Turkish people, and these incidents showed them they could not. This is an outmoded idea now. After now we will continue to move ahead with solid steps insha’Allah. It is another pleasure and blessing to spoil their game. Alevis and Sunnis are people with divine light. Shiahs are people with divine light. Vahabis are people with divine light. However, we are going to establish a good Turkish-Islamic Union insha’Allah, by bringing the Islam world together, with the leadership of Turkish people insha’Allah, with love and sincerity insha’Allah.


Gönen Keşif TV, 11 August 2008

Adnan Oktar:You know I’m Sunni, Hanafi. Four just schools are accepted in Islam. But I love Alevis, Shiahs and Wahabis very much as brothers.  I see them as very devoted and sincere Muslims. This a compassion granted from Allah. There can be separate sects, separate cults but it could never have an aspect that could result in conflict, hostility and hatred. There is no such logic because when we look we see that people are really sincere and they live religion with sincerity. I think that those who cause a fit are mischief-makers. We have the same Allah, the same kiblah, we believe in the same Prophets, we are loyal to the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and believe in the whole of the Qur’an. So what is happening? A person is our brother even if he performs salaat (prayer) once a week or performs only the salaat only on Bairam (religious holiday). If he is saying "La ilahe illallah Muhammedun Rasulullah", then he is again our brother. I don’t understand the reason of this depravedness. This is nothing but utterly groundless and evil. There is no need for discrimination. Cults are decent and sacred communities, which conduce to an increase in the strength and livelihood of the Ottoman empire, by Allah’s Will.  Nakshibendis, Kadiris or Shazelis are just sects and these are very useful as we have seen throughout history. Therefore, it would be wrong to give them the adverse eye.

Timetürk, 10 Nisan 2010 

Bardakoğlu, emphasizing that Islam is a religion of unity – solidarity and love – respect, said that “for 14 centuries, Muslims always lived together in love, respect, unity, harmony and brotherhood despite their differences in piety, mystic traditions, culture, region and schools.” 

“They always performed prayer behind one another, considered one another Muslims and no one tried to assess the devotion of one another. Therefore, we as Turkish people have such harmony in our history in the Anatolia region. Without discriminating as Alevi, Sunni, Hanafi, Shafi’i, Jafari, Shiah, Bektashi, Mawlawi, Nakshi; meaning we loved and respected each other and lived together without attaching importance to beliefs, schools, sub-identities and mystic traditions. In this respect, I believe that the tradition of our Alevi and Sunni brothers to live together in harmony with love and respect will strengthen; and that the provocative efforts of those outsiders to separate us will not give any result. People should respect each other without judging one another, insisting our own belief systems on one another and assessing each other’s devotion. They should treat each other with love.”

2010-05-23 13:22:51

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