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'Stop'to oppression in East Turkestan

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East Turkestan Asia RFA Channel, June 14-2008

Adnan Oktar: Everyone who supports the idea of the Turkish-Islamic Union should show strong reaction. We are going to get started with a new project in the following days. We began with Azerbaijan at first. Now it is the turn of East Turkestan. We are going to bring East Turkestan into question in the press. China has to let go of this country and leave these people alone. I mean constantly killing people, just because they wrote something or they looked up or down… This oppression is not something even the most conscienceless person could do. China is getting disgraced in the eyes of the whole world by doing this. It disgraces its people, its government; they must stop doing this. They should think this through with an understanding of honesty, rationality and gentlemanly behavior. They should retreat and leave this country alone so the East Turkestan could be free. Then see how the world opens up to China and how Turkey’s point of view changes for the better. For example, Turkish workers can go to China, and they can come here. There would be a completely different relation. But as long as there is a bleeding wound, there will be anger in people’s hearts. I mean lots of businessmen can’t go to China for business purposes just because of this anger. Because how could a person go to a country, which kills and murders so many people, like nothing happened? There are places full of people’s blood. You walk into China, stepping on people’s blood. Muslims do not walk over people’s blood. They will clean that blood from the ground. They will put an end to these murders and this oppression is going to end. They should let East Turkestan be democratic, secular and get its beautiful place in the world as a free country. China would be richer by far more. They should not think that this will result in a loss. They don’t lose prestige but they gain prestige by this. This is not a matter of pride… To tell the truth, willy nilly, Turkey holds the policy of the Turkish-Islamic Union in its soul. It is in its genes. Every Turk wants the Turkish-Islamic Union to be established subconsciously. But Turkey can’t deal with Chine by itself. This could only be done with the Turkish-Islamic Union. The establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union should be hastened. It should be told that this union will also benefit China in a good manner. This should be told to the Chinese government in a nice manner. China may think that such a union would be to its disadvantage. But on the contrary it would benefit and save China in all ways. Both in terms of the military and in the face of an attack. It also does economically. It modernizes the country. I pity the Chinese people as they live in poor conditions. I read on the newspapers that they live in places small like a barn. They live in very poor conditions. Those people would also be relived economically. So China should support the Turkish-Islamic Union for the sake of its own people. This union is not a union of occupation not an egoist union. It is a union of love, friendship, charity, understanding, compassion and moderation on a secular basis. So the basis will be a secular one, this is very important. As long as it is secular, peaceful and democratic, as long as it is a system advocating democracy then there is no reason for China to abstain from this.

Vakit, 21 March-2010

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