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A9 TV, 4 November 2012


Almighty Allah always speaks of lofty mansions in paradise. He says there are rivers flowing beneath it. If there are rivers flowing beneath it, then that part must be very high. The mansions are high up, He says. That means that human beings delight in high places. That delight is in their hearts. People do not like low-lying places. Nobody wants a subterranean home, for instance. They want them high up, on a plateau, high-up, with a nice view. Paradise is the place of such delight, insha’Allah. There is no boredom, fear, tension, jealousy or envy there. Only love of Allah and joy and friendship and appreciation of Allah. He is appreciated very well there. One will eat a candy and say, “Alhamdulillah, how well You have created, O Lord,” in comparison with things in this world. One will eat fruit and give thanks to Allah. One will be with one’s wife and give thanks to Allah. One will never get enough of Allah’s beauty and manifestations. One will love animals. There are birds, squirrels, goats, lambs and everything there. Paradise has been created specially. Dinosaurs. The dinosaurs of paradise, insha’Allah; one can ride around on their backs. Because Almighty Allah says, “Everything that you want.” One just has to think of it. It is created the moment you think of it, we are given moral virtue and instruction by it. Allah wants to be loved and appreciated. We must love and appreciate and trust in Almighty Allah. We must recognize His greatness and understand or seek to understand His might, to the extent that He permits. However much Almighty Allah creates. Paradise is the abode of liberty. We will be free in paradise. We will be untroubled. The body will inflict no trouble on us in paradise, no discomfort. For example, evening comes as a light shadow in paradise, “It is evening,” people say. Then the light increases a little and they say, “It is morning.” That is what day and night are like in paradise. What about sleep? We will go 24 hours without sleeping, or 72 hours. Sleep will not come. We will not feel sleepy for a month, or a million years. Or a trillion years, there is no end to it. We will be in a delightful state with the prophets and guides and those who live by good moral values, insha’Allah. Paradise is the abode of the lover, where intense love is experienced.There is sexuality in paradise. They say there is not. But how can there not be? That is fixed in verses of the Qur’an and the hadiths. And why should there not be? Sexuality is bad if it is illegitimate. But sexuality is fine if it is legitimate. It expresses love in the highest quality way. You express love with five senses. Why should that be ugly or wrong? May Almighty Allah give us depth in paradise. May He give us the moral values of paradise. May He open our horizons. May He protect us from satan’s evil and wickedness. Satan has no pity. May Almighty Allah make us victorious in the war against satan. May He make us victorious in the war against our earthly passions. This world is transient. We suddenly say, “Bismillah” and pass to the other world. It is like a door opening up, or going to sleep. We will think we are sleeping, insha’Allah. Muslims’ souls will be taken very gently, with love. They come with escorts. Muslims are shown huge respect as their souls are taken. They are taken with love. But when unbelievers’ souls are taken, may Allah forbid, they are beaten very badly. The angels beat them very terribly. They hit them on the back and face and everywhere as their souls are taken. They realize right away from that beating that they are going to hell. Believers also realize from those fine compliments and love that they are going to paradise. Azrail (pbuh) is full of love for believers. He treats them with love. And they will be with their loved ones. People they know will come alongside Azrail (pbuh) so they can experience that love. He will come with people the individual loves, so they do not need to feel afraid or alarmed. “The people I love are with me,” the person will say, so there is no need to fear. Allah says He will take their souls “gently.” The fact the people they love are with him is highly significant because people are seeing Azrail (pbuh) for the first time, but they already know the people they know, from beforehand. They embrace them. “Let us go together,” they say. And that is all, insha’Allah. The test is very pleasant for believers. It is always aimed at honoring them. Their good sides are cited. “You did this…” “Yes, I did,” they will say. “And you gave alms,” “True.” Masha’Allah, He lists them all one by one. But Allah only bestows this pleasantness on believers. It makes things easy for believers, it is enjoyable and a pleasure. It eases their hearts. But being an unbeliever is very difficult, very painful and troubling, may Allah forbid.

A9 TV, 24 September 2011

Religion and tribulations go hand in hand. Paradise is not easy to attain. They must know that.

A9 TV; 28 October 2011

The life of this world is like a flower. A violet or tulip. Look, they plant tulips. They are lovely in the spring. But then they suddenly fade and die. Violets are lovely in bloom. Daisies look beautiful in summer. Those wild violets and poppies are so lovely. But they soon wither and die. Allah has created the life of this world like that. So we should be close to Him and not have greed for things.

But nothing withers away in the hereafter, because it is eternal. No flower ever fades. No woman’s beauty ever changes. And she has no need to wash her face or put on make-up. Here, most women are beautiful thanks to make-up. They are pretty ordinary without make-up. But with make-up and grooming they look lovely. There is no need for grooming in paradise. Women often have to refresh their make-up here. People have to wash their hands and faces and have a bath and shave and really have to work hard. But there is none of that in paradise. There is no dust. Dust is specially created in this world. Every speck is determined in the Sight of Allah. It is ordained where each speck will go, and when. But there is not one speck of dust in paradise. And without dust, nothing becomes dirty. There is no death. Nothing dies. There is no death in matter or living things. Death never happens. There is no ceasing to exist. Death will die. Almighty Allah makes death impossible for all time. Ceasing to exist ceases to exist. From then on, human beings remain in the world of entities for all time, insha’Allah. People never need to sleep. They never get headaches. They never have any allergic reactions. They never fall ill. Forty-eight hours go by, and then another 48, and another 48, but they never feel tired. They are still alert and fit. Sleep is specially created as a miracle in this world. It is deliberately created as a weakness. Allah works a miracle toward evening. A strange state falls over us and Allah sends us to sleep. He takes our souls. We go to bed of our own volition, and our souls are shortly thereafter taken away. Then in the morning Allah restores our souls. And when our souls are returned we get up. Like leaving the grave. Sometimes one has trouble remembering where one is when one gets up, like being in a friend’s house. When one is not in one’s own home and goes to a tourist destination somewhere, then one wonders where one is when one wakes up. Resurrection in the hereafter is like that. One initially has trouble working out where one is. “Where is this?” one wonders. When it is described in detail, when one pays careful attention, one realizes he is in the hereafter. But they fail to realize when they first get there. “Where are we?” they say. They even talk among themselves. But eventually they will realize they have died. Then they say: “How long did we spend in the world? We stayed very little time.” “Just a day, just for a morning.” Or else they say, “No, we were just there for an evening.” Those who say they were there in the morning may remember it like that since they died in the morning. And those who died in the evening will remember it as an evening, because they remember the evening time. “That is all the time we spent in the world,” they say. Because there is no concept of time, so they cannot deduce how long they spent in this world. They argue about it and cannot understand. “They follow the caller,” it says. Someone calls to them from far off. An angel calls, and the whole crowd of them move off in that direction. That is how they come to where Allah desires. That is where they are wanted. They go there. There is a radiance, a light, before the believers. And a light to their right. There are greeters, angels to their side. But the unbelievers have none to greet them, and no light. They are made to crawl to get there. Allah does that deliberately to humiliate them. The believers are all taken away from there with their greeters. Almighty Allah tells them to enter paradises. Paradise has seven gates and these open up. We cannot know these gates. We think of gated as being made of wood or covered in gold. But that is not the case there. Maybe another dimension will open up. Allah refers to dimensions as gates. Maybe they are gates of light. Or they may be visible electromagnetically. We do not know.  But believers enter through those gates. “Greetings to you,” they say. They enter to the accompaniment of compliments and welcomes. Eternity begins once the believer has entered. In fact, it has already begun, but there can be no leaving it from then on. One can never leave having passed through that gate. One is then locked into eternity. And unless Allah so wills, the unbeliever can never leave hell once he has entered it. But according to our Sunni beliefs, if their sins are only few, then they may be admitted into paradise after spending a time in hell. The fruits in paradise are easy. Allah says “it is easy to pick them.” They are easily accessible so believers can enjoy them. There is poultry flesh there for them to eat and everything. Their clothes are very special. People are most attractive. The conversations are delightful. The rivers are lovely. The greatest delight there is to enjoy the approval of Allah. The greatest delight in paradise is Allah’s approval, loving Allah. We will delight more in our love of Allah there than in the buildings and glasses and things, insha’Allah. There being no fatigue will be another delight. It is amazing how one can stay up for two weeks and not feel tired. A month goes by and there is no tiredness. Thirty years go by and one still does not need to sleep. Three thousand years pass, or three billion, and one does not need to sleep. But one does not forget sleep, and one is duly amazed and delighted every time one thinks of it. One never becomes dirty and is always squeaky clean. One’s hands and face are always spotless. One even becomes more and more attractive. “They become ever more lovely as the wind blows,” he says in one hadith. “Their wives seem ever more attractive to them,” he says. “They are in tents, in lofty tents,” he says. “Their breasts are newly budded,” Allah says of the women. He says they are all the same age, like hidden pearls. In other words, they are smooth and flawless. They have lovely complexions. He says they have large eyes. Large and black. Of course there are different kinds of eyes there, but I am just giving an idea. It actually depends on what we wish. They will take the form that pleases us, insha’Allah. But nothing is permanent in them, insha’Allah. People have large, black-eyed concubines, but also their wives. They will love their wives more than their concubines. Because they know they are virtuous. The concubines have never suffered or known pain and difficulty, but their wives have suffered and known pain. They have worshiped, and they have struggled on Allah’s path. They have protected their chastity and intelligence. They have been good natured, and that is why they are superior, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 7 May 2012

In Surat al-Kahf, Almighty Allah says, “They will have Gardens of Eden with rivers flowing under them.” The golden rivers of the Garden of Eden: Allah has caused human beings to have a great love of water. One’s heart melts when one sees water. One does not know why, it is purely instinctive. It delights one to see water flowing, even just a little from a fountain. Because we will love it in paradise, insha’Allah. “They will be adorned in them with bracelets made of gold,...” What is gold? A metal you wear on your arm. Allah has made us love it. Women love gold. They love to be adorned in gold. Its appearance is most attractive. People delight in seeing it. It is lovely to see it on a woman. Why? They know it from paradise. Instinctively. Gold would be just another metal if Allah did not make us love it. You may as well wear iron or copper. But Allah makes us love it. It takes one’s breath away to see it. People will also love gold in paradise. Touching gold and looking at gold.“and wear green garments made of the finest silk and rich brocade,...” people also like silk and bright fabrics. Hazrat Hassan and (pbuh) and Hazrat Hussein (pbuh) always wore silk, masha’Allah. They delighted in it. “reclining there on couches under canopies.” (Surat al-Kahf, 31) They recline on wide chairs or couches.

Look, Almighty Allah says, “Why, when you entered your garden, did you not say, “It is as Allah wills, there is no strength but in Allah’?” So what will a Muslim say when he enters a garden with vines and fruit trees? “Masha’Allah, there is no other power than Allah.” This is something unknown. When you enter a vineyard. Millions of people have vines. Just one vine can count as a vineyard. And if there are fruit trees there, it is an orchard. “Masha’Allah,” how finely Allah has created. “There is no other power than Allah.All power belongs to Allah. “Why, when you entered your garden, did you not say, “It is as Allah wills, there is no strength but in Allah’?” (Surat al-Kahf,39) People always boast of their possessions and children in this world. Yet children die. They die themselves. Possessions decay. There is not much in this world, but Allah causes people to love it. They are so greedy for it that they forget Allah. One important aspect of the test is this love of possessions and children.

A9 TV, 19 March 2012

One talks and while saying something commits a sin, he engages in an activity and commits a sin.Many people suffer a lot out of watching sinful acts and hearing insults day and night. They are hurt in the spiritual sense, they suffer a lot. But in paradise, we neither see sin nor hear a vile word. No one says absurd things...

A9 TV, 5 April 2012

Muslims are in any way created such as to have faith. And deniers are created in that form. Do you want to understand the secret? You can’t. Simple as that. Where do believers come from? From paradise. That absence of time and space is really amazing. They come from paradise, but this is truly astonishing, masha’Allah. And where do the unbelievers come from? From hell. That is also most astonishing.


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