Evolution Hoax


A9 TV, 25 February  2011

Religion and science go hand in hand. The religion commands science. Allah commands us to examine the artistry He has created in the skies. He says we will know the signs He created in the sky and the outside world and in our own bodies. There are many verses about that. I say that science and religion go hand in hand and are not distinct entities. There is no need for religion to be compatible with anything. Allah creates science and scientific findings. Allah created the laws of physics. Scientists discover the laws created by Allah. That is a feature of scientists. A scientist is like a man who finds a gold coin on the street. Allah puts the coin there. He puts gold coins here, there and everywhere. And people find them as they walk around. They discover the laws of Allah. People do not make or invent laws. All physical laws are concealed by Allah. People discover them where they are hidden when the time comes, by Allah’s command. Science serves religion. Allah causes science to serve it as He causes people to serve it. He causes technical equipment to serve it.

2012-10-31 15:43:11

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