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It is a miracle for something our Prophet (saas) foretold 1,400 years ago to come true word for word. A Muslim must talk about a miracle of our Prophet (saas) when he sees one, not conceal it; however, some Islamic scholars deliberately conceal our Prophet’s (saas) miracles of the End Times. These scholars need to reflect on how they will account for concealing evident miracles of our Prophet’s (saas) in the End Times.

One hidden portent is the invasion of Afghanistan. 


Pity poor Taliqan [a region in Afghanistan]. At that place are treasures of Allah. These are not of gold and silver, but consist of people who have recognized Allah as they should have. They are the Mahdi’s servants.   (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi `Alamat al-Mahdi, p. 59)

The hadith foretells that Afghanistan will be occupied in the End Times.

 The Soviet Union began occupying Afghanistan with a massive military force in 1979, or Hijri 1400.


"At that place are treasures of Allah. These are not of gold and silver..."

This part of the account refers to the material resources of Afghanistan.

The presence of large oil beds, iron deposits and coal beds that have never been worked has now been identified in Afghanistan.

Just as the hadith says.

You have just witnessed a significant miracle.

Our Prophet (saas) foretold the occupation of Afghanistan, citing the country by name, 1,400 years ago and that occupation took place just as he described.

Rasulullah (saas) also foretold the presence of underground mineral beds in the same region. He provides a detailed description by saying these are “not just gold and silver.” That has also happened yet some scholars conceal this marvelous phenomenon.

Another hadith reveals that:

The Dajjal will not appear until the people become negligent in talking about him, and until the Imams abandon talking about him on the Minbars (in their Khutba).” (Narrated in Majma Al-Zawaid)

So not talking about the portents of the End Times will be one of the signs of the coming of the Mahdi. The way that these scholars are not talking about the systems of the dajjal and the Mahdi or Jesus the Messiah, and are instead concealing the miracles of our Prophet (saas), shows that the Mahdi has come.

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