Evolution Hoax

Evolution surveys in Europe under the control of the Darwinist dictatorship

Darwinists and communists’ dirty tricks have been revealed on opinion polls conducted on various news and scientific sites across Europe and intended to show the levels of belief in the theory of evolution.

For a long time efforts have been made to portray 80% or 90% of people as believing in evolution in surveys carried out on various sites particularly in Europe. However, that is yet another cunning trick by Darwinists and communists who have misled the world for the last 150 years. Masons and atheist zionists, communist parties, communist associations, fascist parties, neo-nazis and satanists are deceiving the public by acting in concert with their societies and associations in an organized manner in order to propagate their own views.

In the same way that they have deceived people for the last 150 years by saying “transitional fossils do exist” in the complete absence of any such fossils, have displayed fake fossils in museums, and have kept 100 million fossils proving the fact of Creation hidden away from the public eye, they are also attempting to maintain the same deception by tampering with poll results. Darwinists have been unable to swallow their recent crushing defeat, particularly following the recent revelation of the evolution deceit through the Atlas of Creation, the bringing to light of the fossils that prove Creation that were kept concealed by Darwinists, the demonstration of the existence of millions of living fossils and the realization that there exists not one single transitional fossil. They have realized that huge masses of people now reject the theory of evolution and that they can no longer be deceived by it. For that reason, the Darwinist dictatorship has now gone into action and adopted a ruse intended to depict the numbers of people believing in evolution in polls conducted in a number of countries as much greater than they truly are. This despicable plan is still being carried out in an organized manner, and people are still being deceived.

Yet this despicable plan does not alter the facts.

If people want to obtain the most accurate results on the subject they should go out and ask members of the public, “Did the universe form by chance or did Allah (God) create it?” Ninety percent of people, of whoever they ask in whatever country, will say, “Allah (God) created it.” Belief in the theory of evolution has now become a laughing matter across the world. People know that Darwinism is a lie. Darwinists can no longer deceive anyone. Attempting to mislead people, to redeem their defeat, with fraudulent survey results will do them no good at all. What matters is that people have turned their backs on the theory of evolution. Whether Darwinists admit the fact or not, Darwinism has suffered a total defeat in the 21st century, and has been utterly destroyed.
2009-02-18 13:40:56

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