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First Day of The Spring Camp

The first day of the camp is a bit busier than the following days because Karim's parents have to put up a tent and open up their luggage. By the time they finish all these jobs, it has got dark. So Karim has to wait until the next morning to see what his surroundings are like.


The next morning, Karim gets up early and wakes his father and they set out together to explore the camp, which Karim has not been to before. There are huge trees everywhere. Behind the trees is a burbling river with very beautiful and colourful flowers on its banks.

Karim is thrilled to hear the sound of the running water which almost drowns out the chirping and twittering songs of the birds. The view he sees fills him with admiration and they spend some time there. But it's getting late, and his father tells him it's time to return to the camp, so they turn back.

Karim tells his sister, brother and mother about the magnificent view and the river they saw. They say they would also like to go with him the next day. They have been curious to know where that loud sound was coming from.

suda yüzen kütükler

The following day, Karim, and his sister and brother set out to explore the area. When they come to the river bank, Karim realizes that several trees he saw the day before have been cut down . They have been carefully torn down and only the roots are left. As Karim wonders by whom and why these trees were felled, his sister calls out to him:

"Look Karim, there are logs in the water."

Karim is surprised. He wonders why someone would do such a thing. He cannot see anyone around either. After spending a little longer on the river bank, they get back to the camp.

kunduz barajı
You must be wondering what this pile of logs is doing in the water. So just continue reading. What you will learn will be both surprising and enjoyable.

Karim, his sister and brother go to the river bank on the next few days, and become more and more curious because each day they find several more trees cut down and thrown into the water. Besides, the branches seem to have been carefully detached from the trees, and piled up on purpose with the logs. The loud sound of the river has been muffled now and a small pond is beginning to form. Karim has started to think that these things are not happening by chance. It is as if someone is working hard at the river bank every day and doing so with a purpose. So who is this mysterious person?

Karim makes a plan to satisfy his curiosity. He intends to go to the river bank very early, to find out who is doing all these things. He tells his brother about this and convinces him to come with him. The next morning, they carry out their plan.


2 / total 6
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