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What Will the Turkish-Islamic Union Bring to Muslims?

Allah commands unity to Muslims. When Muslims abide by this commandment off our Lord’s, all the problems off the Turkish-Islamic world that have persisted for around a century will disappear and a powerful civilization, the like off which has never been seen before, will be built.

World politics today has made international unity among countries essential for national security and economic interests. Underground resources, trade zones and even cultural values play an important role between such international co-operation generally based on geographic location. Many countries in the same region unite their resources under the umbella of such organizations, set up defense pacts and collaborate in other fields. The aim in such international institutions is to maintain peace, resolve disputes by diplomatic means, bring about economic and social development and defend such universal values as human rights and democracy. Such a union will clearly also be of enormous benefit to the Turkish-Islamic world. The most important measure for peace and the establishment of well-being in the Turkish-Islamic world is for it to unite under the Turkish-Islamic Union.

The Turkish-Islamic Union

The Turkish-Islamic Union Will Provide Peace

A problem anywhere in the Turkish-Islamic world will have a direct impact on the whole region. Tension in the Middle East makes itself felt in North Africa. Events in the Caspian affect the future of the Middle East. What happens in the Gulf of Basra is of direct concern to Southeast Asia.

The Turkish-Islamic Union

This means that conflict, problems or tension anywhere in the Turkish-Islamic world will be felt in all countries. In addition, the consequences of such tensions will be felt around the world politically and economically. The same thing also applies to a climate of peace, of course. For long-term tensions, such as the Arab-Israeli question, to be resolved peaceably will naturally have a positive impact on the Turkish-Islamic world and the whole planet.

Throughout the 20th century, much of the Turkish-Islamic world suffered lengthy wars, conflict and instability. This led to resources being wasted, an almost total halting of economic development, standards of living falling to very low levels and, most important of all, to the deaths of millions of Muslims.

There are disagreements among various Muslim countries even today, and tensions escalate from time to time. Wars and conflicts between Muslim and non-Muslim countries is another cause of unease and instability.

With the construction of a Turkish-Islamic Union founded on love and brotherhood, the tensions and insecurities within the Turkish-Islamic world will come to an end. Muslims will regard one another as brothers and work together in the face of adversities.

With the genuine and close relations they establish among themselves, they will not allow events to become insuperable. Central decision-making bodies established with joint participation will enable problems to be resolved quickly and permanently while observing the rights of all parties.

Disputes and conflicts that have lasted for decades will thus immediately be brought to an end and a climate of peace will arise in the region. And a climate of peace and love in the Turkish-Islamic world will of course have a positive impact on the region and on the whole world. By Allah’s leave, these positive effects will also bring countless social and economic advances to the Turkish-Islamic world.

Different Cultures Will Constitute Cultural Wealth for the Turkish-Islamic World

The different cultures and ethnic roots within the Turkish-Islamic world will turn into great wealth in an environment of peace. In a climate of understanding and dialogue, people will be more open and productive in their ideas, and a very rich civilization will be built as different cultures coalesce together. This great civilization will be instrumental in significant advances in art and science, and will make the region a source of light illuminating the whole world, as it had once been in the past.

In a climate of peace, it will be possible for the members of the Turkish-Islamic world to benefit from one another’s experience and heritage. Peace will be instrumental in Muslims joining their forces in all fields, making good one another’s deficiencies and thus becoming much more effective.

Peace will allow all countries to reduce spending on arms and for that money to be spent on social well-being instead. Since all member countries will also be members of a joint defense pact, more powerful defence and protection can be established will a minimal budget. In this way, investment in the arms industry and weapons technology can be diverted to progress in health, education, science and culture.


The current instability and conflicts in certain parts of the Turkish-Islamic world are the cause of migration to other countries. Many doctors, engineers, academics, scientists, thinkers and writers are migrating to the West and continuing their work there because they do not feel safe in their own countries.

With the elimination of internal tensions in the Turkish-Islamic world, a climate of peace will prevent the migration of well-educated individuals and allow them to meet the needs of their own countries.

The peace to be constructed in the Turkish-Islamic world will also be a model for all the countries of the world. The Muslim world will be adopted as a model in the resolution of problems taking place across the world by peaceful means. Muslims will be living examples of how people can attain peace and security when they live by the true moral values of the Qur’an, and people will witness how Islam is a faith of peace and well-being.

The Turkish-Islamic Union Will Also Bring Economic Regeneration with It

Economic development will also accelerate in a climate of unity, union and brotherhood. There are various problems in the Turkish-Islamic world today, starting with border problems. These problems cause economic instability. For example, there needs to be a secure route for underground resources to be extracted, transported and exported to the world. The fact is that the atmosphere of confusion and political instability in the region prevents the Turkish-Islamic world from making proper use of its rich resources.

A similar situation applies regarding water resources. Water is the most important subject of disagreement in the Middle East. But these problems can be completely eliminated by means of the members of the Turkish-Islamic world supporting one another and by negotiation.

Economic co-operation is important in terms of stability and of development. Economic strength will emerge once economic union is established to resolve the poverty, lack of education, inequalities in income distribution and other economic and social problems afflicting Muslim countries in particular.

There are very different economies and natural conditions in the Turkish-Islamic world. Some countries’ economies are based on underground reserves (as with oil-rich countries), while others are dependant on agriculture (because their geographical characteristics are better suited to it). This difference also applies in part to the nature of societies. In some countries the majority of people live in rural areas, while an urban culture predominates in others. However, if one country supports another so as to make good its deficiencies, when they meet one another’s needs and everyone helps everyone else in matters on which they possess expertise these differences can be converted into a major source of wealth. That can be brought about with the Turkish-Islamic Union.

landscape, peace

Joint investments and initiatives will be a major step in this direction. By means of joint initiatives, countries will be able to benefit from one another’s experience and the investment fields opened up will be a source of revenue for their economies. As we have already said, it is a requirement of Islamic moral values for the members of the Turkish-Islamic world to support one another economically. Helping the needy and solidarity in a society are two important characteristics of Muslims. Social solidarity is also needed between different societies. In this way, employment opportunities will rise and income levels in both societies will start to rise.

Through joint initiatives that will unite the means and power of the Turkish-Islamic world, many products of advanced technology will be able to be manufactured in Muslim countries, too. By means of the common market to be set up, products manufactured in one country will easily be able to be marketed in another, without becoming caught up in frontier formalities such as customs or quotas. Trade zones will expand, all member countries will enjoy an increased market share, exports will grow and this will accelerate countries’ industrialization processes, and this development in the economy will also be reflected in technology. The Turkish-Islamic world will thus be able to act as a common power and become an important component of the global economy. And economic development and a climate of well-being in the Turkish-Islamic world will of course have a positive impact on the region and the world. (http://economicsinislam.net)


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