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A Call to the Turkish-Islamic World

All the anti-religious systems in the world are now on the point of collapse, and people have begun returning to Allah and religious moral values. Moreover, Islam has become the most important topic on the world agenda, and mankind’s attention is now fixed on the true religion. The technological means of the period we are living in have made it easier for Muslims to collaborate with one another and also permit mass communications explaining the beauty of Islamic moral values.

However, there is still poverty and ignorance in one part of the Islamic world. Some people who wish to take advantage of this by perpetrating un-Islamic actions supposedly in the name of Islam are giving the world a poor impression of Muslims. Certain circles opposed to Islamic moral values are taking advantage of this situation facing Muslims in order to inflict all kinds of oppression on them, and are planning to step up that persecution.

The solution lies in the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union that will unite all Muslims and show them the true path. Every Muslim has a duty to strive for the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union:

All Muslim governments must prepare for the Turkish-Islamic Union. They must improve relations with other Muslim countries and engage in cultural activities so that true Islamic moral values can be better installed in their own countries.

All Muslim non-governmental organizations, other organizations, charities, members of the media and opinion formers must strive to ensure that divisions between Muslims are eliminated and that unity and union are established.

All individual Muslims must strive for the unity of the world’s Muslims, and must encourage Muslims in that direction in the mosques they attend, in their schools and places of work, on the Internet platforms they visit and in the charities or organizations to which they belong.   ( http://callforanislamicunion.com/)

All Muslims pray for the rejuvenation of that great Islamic civilization that will illuminate the world, delight both Muslims and non-Muslims and bring the world peace and justice. By Allah’s leave, the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union will be instrumental in all these joys coming about.


Muslims who wish to undertake to serve in this sacred task;

Come, let us bring Muslims together. Let us bring together those Muslims who do not pray in one another’s mosques, nor greet one another, nor read one another’s books, and who are hostile to their brothers over the most minor of differences. Such artificial divisions must be eradicated. Mosques, the houses of Allah, must belong to all Muslims, not just this or that group or sect. Let all Muslims greet and talk to one another. Let them show one another compassion and understanding. Let group or individual disagreements come to an end. And let all Muslims strive together, in humility and understanding, to draw closer to Allah and serve His religion the more.

And let them never forget this commandment of Allah's:

Hold fast to the rope of Allah all together, and do not separate. Remember Allah's blessing to you when you were enemies and He joined your hearts together so that you became brothers by His blessing. You were on the very brink of a pit of the Fire and He rescued you from it. In this way Allah makes His Signs clear to you, so that hopefully you will be guided. (Surah Al ‘Imran: 103)


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