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Throughout this book, we have examined the cruelty that communist China inflicts on its own people and the evidence for the silent genocide of the Muslims of East Turkestan.

Given that the disasters inflicted on the world by Darwinism are very evident, it is the responsibility of all people of good conscience to wage a serious struggle of ideas against an ideology that has led to the shedding of so much blood. One important dimension of that struggle is opposition to the Darwinist, communist ideology that has led the regime in China to be utterly ruthless. The whole world needs to be told that, although China has turned in the direction of a free market economy, that does not change the fact that it still represents the "Red Menace." A campaign needs to be waged against Maoist communism that still represents the political view of the Beijing regime and against the Darwinism on which it is based. The terrible crimes against humanity that this ideology has led to in China, Cambodia, Albania, North Korea and other countries must be constantly before us. Darwinism and Maoism—and all the other variations of communism—are not, as many people in China imagine, ideologies of liberation, but are deceptive, leading to savagery and enslavement, and this must be made crystal clear. A campaign against communism is still essential, and it must not be forgotten that every step taken to reveal its true face will be a step towards helping those innocent nations, such as the Muslims of East Turkestan, currently suffering under communist oppression. 

The cruelty and suffering being inflicted upon the Uighurs living in East Turkestan, because they are Muslims, imposes a great responsibility on all Muslims in the world. As Allah notifies in one verse:

What reason could you have for not fighting in the Way of Allah-for those men, women and children who are oppressed and say, "Our Lord, take us out of this city whose inhabitants are wrongdoers! Give us a protector from You! Give us a helper from You!"? (Surat an-Nisa’: 75)

As commanded in that verse, it is the duty of every Muslim to wage a war of ideas for the liberation of all oppressed Muslims. The systematic campaign of genocide being waged by China in East Turkestan needs to be opposed by diplomacy, the media, and civil initiatives.

China is expending great efforts to make the world forget that region, and to portray the innocent Muslims living there as "terrorists." In the face of this, every Muslim must use all of means at their disposal to tell the world about the suffering in East Turkestan and to attract the attention of international organizations. Muslims must publicize the issue in newspapers, magazines and on Internet sites. They must support the rightful cause of the people of East Turkestan. Political leaders must take the issue up, demand justice and permanent solutions in their relations with China and the West, and members of the public must encourage them to do so. Civil organizations must also take up the issue, and hold seminars, conferences and remembrance days about East Turkestan. By bringing the issue onto the international agenda, legal sanctions must be imposed on China, and the Muslims of East Turkestan must be given new hope by being shown that they have not been forgotten.

Beyond that, the whole world needs to be introduced to Islam, and shown that Islam has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism, but actually intends to do away with such acts of violence. Speaking out and decrying those who claim they resort to terrorism in the name of religion, and explaining and practicing Islam's compassionate and peaceful attitude towards other religions is one of the greatest responsibilities of the present age. In that way, the wind can be taken out of the sails of oppressive regimes such as that in China, which attempt to gain world sympathy by portraying the Muslims they oppress as terrorists, and it will also enable the real truth to emerge. Muslims must make it absolutely clear that they are not seeking a "conflict of civilizations," but that, on the contrary, they wish to see peace and harmony between all religions and civilizations, and that this is an essential element of the morality of the Qur'an.

In short, Muslims must work to bring peace and stability to the world, and oppose all forces that stand against that peace and stability, even those that hide under an "Islamic" mask. We must not forget that the rule of war and confusion, as opposed to peace and security, is described in the Qur'an as "fitna" (disbelief and its imposition on others) a sin which Allah has cursed.

The Historic Responsibility Facing Turkey

The views that have been expressed above regarding the situation in both East Turkestan and the Islamic world, reveal that the Republic of Turkey has a particular responsibility in this context.

Let us first consider the matter from the point of view of East Turkestan. More than any other nation, Turkey needs to extend a helping hand to the Muslims of East Turkestan, because the Uighur Muslims are Turks. That gives Turkey a great international advantage when it comes to defending the legal rights of East Turkestan. In the same way that Turkey is seen by the international community as quite justified in defending the rights of the Turks in Macedonia and the Turkmens in Northern Iraq, it will also be seen as justified in taking up the rights of the Turkic Uighurs in East Turkestan.

Furthermore, defending the legal rights of the Muslims of East Turkestan is also a strategic necessity for Turkey itself. The Turkish republics of central Asia are witnessing a battle for influence among a number of different countries, such as Turkey, Russia and Iran. One way that Turkey can become more influential in the region is by turning to political initiatives to secure the love and trust of the people of that region. If Turkey were to take on the cause of East Turkestan, there would be an increase in belief in Turkey's strength and determination over all the Turkish republics.

The second aspect of the matter is portraying true Islam as a role model to the world as considered earlier. The strongest candidate in the Islamic world to be able to achieve this is Turkey. Muslim Turkish people have fully grasped the principles of love, respect and compassion enshrined in Islam, and are modern and contemporary. They also possess a huge cultural legacy and historical vision inherited from the Ottoman Empire. Of all Islamic countries, Turkey is the best integrated with the Western world. Turkey can provide the most effective solution to the artificial "conflict of civilizations" that is being encouraged between the Islamic and Western worlds.

It is to be hoped that the twenty-first century will see a solution to the East Turkestan problem, and that the whole Islamic world, including East Turkestan, will enjoy peace and security. The future of East Turkestan, like that of the Islamic world itself, is, by the will of Allah, bright and hopeful. Signs of that have already begun to appear. Muslims are determined to stick by their beliefs despite cruelty and oppression, and there is now a worldwide trend towards a return to religious morality.


Allah calls to the Abode of Peace and
He guides whom He wills to a straight path. Those who do good will have the best and more! Neither dust nor debasement will darken their faces. They are the Companions of the Garden, remaining in it timelessly, for ever.
(Surah Yunus, 25-26)


They said "Glory be to You!
We have no knowledge except what You have taught us.
You are the All-Knowing, the All-Wise."
(Surat al-Baqara: 32)


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