Evolution Hoax

God's blessing of technology

The early 1900s saw major advances in transport technology. Mankind welcomed these advances, which made life so much easier, and quickly adapted to them.

Less than a century later, jets, high-speed trains and smart cars have all become part of our lives. Journeys which used to take days are now but a matter of hours.

The advances in technology are not limited to modern means of transport. Technological possibilities in many fields, especially in health, information and communications, have assumed giant dimensions.

In many peoples’ view, the modern buildings they live in, the cars they drive, computers, televisions and all the other countless products of technology are entirely “man-made.” The fact is, however, that if they think a little deeper and engage in a conscious examination they will see that there is a very important truth behind these advances:

Technology is also an example of God’s blessings to mankind, and thanks must be given to Him for all these things. In this film, you will see why it is that technology is a blessing for which we must give thanks to God.

2008-08-28 11:18:37

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