Evolution Hoax

Knowing our Lord - for children 12

Who created you? Who gave you your hair and your eyes their color? Who said how tall you would be and what color your skin would be? And, Who created your mother, your father and your friends? Who created mountains, trees, the sea, the Sun, and the Moon? Who created cats and dogs, squirrels, giraffes, and the other creatures?

Most of you will all answer these questions in the same way: “God created us and everything else.” Of course, this is the right answer! So, how well do you know Almighty God, the Creator of us and the whole universe? God has revealed Himself to us in the Qu’ran. In this film, we will get to know God through the verses of the Qu’ran and try to get closer to Him.

2008-09-29 13:28:47

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