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Following the destiny is a great ease for all Muslims


For a Muslim, encountering various suffering and difficulties in daily life is both a trial and a means by which he can make comparison with the rewards he hopes to attain in Paradise. It is a source of great pleasure that will be derived from the comparison of hardship and ease, comfort and relief. Also for a sincere Muslim it is a beauty that will be instrumental in earning other Muslims’ appreciation and love when they see them in the infinite life. These trials are blessings which offer many benefits and beauties; by Allah’s leave they become instrumental in making believers draw closer to Allah. Unbelievers, on the other hand, secretly or sometimes openly appreciate them.

A person who thinks that an incident he encounters is not “preordained” is intensively under satan’s influence. Satan’s influence may cause such delusions and a person’s coming to such a state that lowers one’s rank in Allah’s Sight pleases satan. Under the satan’s influence, deeming that a seemingly trivial issue is not preordained and is thus out of Allah’s mercy, knowledge and plan or totally forgetting this totally is a disease. A Muslim must cautiously, meticulously treat this disease and avoid contracting this malady.

For instance there is goodness in all events such as missing a favorite TV show or forgetting to order food. Sometimes people can see the wisdom in them with all their details but sometimes they fail to see them totally or can only see some part of it. For instance he misses a TV show but during this time he earns some time for rendering a service in the way of Allah or devoting some time to ponder upon Allah. As a result of this reflection he may attain some understanding that will increase his strength of service for the rest of his life. Alternatively during this time he remembers Allah and earns rewards incomparably greater than the rewards he attains by watching TV. When he forgets placing an order for food, this may turn out to be a diet that will be instrumental in curing his sickness. If a person with high blood pressure forgets to purchase cheese and does not eat cheese that day, then his tension returns to normal levels. He engages in a good act that earns Allah’s admiration because he puts his trust in Allah and thinks for the good. Furthermore his moral perfection and good conduct becomes a means for believers’ peace and love. If it is a decayed cheese then he avoids to eat it and get sick.

The number of such examples one encounters in his daily life are numerous. For this reason it is of vital importance to very well understand this issue and to always keep it in mind. Whether trivial or significant, any incident one encounters in daily life is utterly preordained. Muslims must always be vigilant against the whisperings of satan saying, “These are the common needs of daily life; they have no relation whatsoever with destiny.” Having a good grasp of this issue and keeping it in mind, considering every incident with an eye of wisdom, and assessing all events evolving within the beautiful destiny of Allah is a great blessing in this world and the Hereafter. It is a fact that is instrumental for one’s wisdom, will, comfort and peace.


In one verse of the Qur’an our All-Mighty Allah relates: "We have created everything in due measure." (Surat al-Qamar, 49)

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