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It is important to be a person able to make good use of wisdom rather than being ''plainly wise''…


There are some people who are really wise…They have the ability to quickly grasp and to immediately notice the intricate aspects of a matter and the skills to see the general picture from a tiny piece. Because they are aware that they are intelligent and wise, they employ this attribute whenever they want and wherever they wish.

The fact is, no matter howwise a person may be, it is important to make good use of wisdom. However some people  are not literally aware ofthis attribute of morality which seems to be a detail but which is in fact very important. 

The fact is, however, that if a person does not care about how to exercise his wisdom then a type of wisdom which can be called “plain wisdom” comes about. These people of “plain wisdom” make use of their wisdom randomly. For instance they notice something important and express it right away. They see the possibility of a risk and immediately reveal it.  They analyze something other people are unable to do and convey it right away to another person. This ability to act without thinking and hastiness surely stems from their “trust in their wisdom.”

The fact is however no matter how great a virtue it may be, wisdom must be combined with other attributes of morality. Only being capable of distinguishing the right from wrong,finding solutions toproblems, being able tomake good judgments are not sufficient for moral perfection. Every one of these attitudes must be accompanied by other humane traits; it is of vital importance to handle every issue with compassion, mercy, respect and love. A person can only be called to be wise if he makes use of his wisdom by giving emphasis to these moral attributes. Only then one can be wise in the true sense of the word.

One of the most important attributes of a wise person is not to express “every thing he sees, every judgment he makes and every truth he knows without thinking.” A wise person must be the one who best knows how to express something; it is important to say the appropiate words in the right place and in the right time. He must be able to calculate the impact of each word he will utter on people no matter how accurate and important it may be. 

For instance in front of a person who is inclined to fear easily, a wise person does not express a sudden and risky incident in a sensational manner. Alternatively it is notwise to give important news in a straightforward manner to someone who is inclined to experience a serious health problem such as a sudden high blood pressure. In such a case the most sedative words must be selected. Similarly no matter how accurate it may be, one must estimate that telling the negative aspect of a truth first would cause uneasiness in the heart. Telling the same truth by stressing the positive aspects is a requisite of moral perfection and reason. Sometimes there may also be a truth that almost everyone sees but is not expressed out of courtesy and morality. Some people who do not make good use of their wisdom immediately express these facts as if they are the first ones that have noticed them. They can never think of why other people who are aware of the same fact simply remain silent about it.

The fact is however the way to solvea problem is not always to reveal it in a random manner. While handling a matter, one must take each person’s psychology into account respectively and select the best approach that will make the most positive impact on each one of them. Rather than expressing a problem about a situation, it may be more becoming not to mention the problem at all but to straightforwardly bring the solution. Alternatively rather than constantly making mention of the same flaws, weaknesses or errors, encouragement of attitudes and manners that will make up for these flaws might bring a more constructive outlook to the people.

This aside sometimes a single word in a statement may make a very negative impact on the other person. On the other hand sometimes even a single carelessly-selected word uttered within a compliment may cause doubt and uneasiness rather than joy and happiness. Consequently if a person is wise, each one of his words must be the product of real thought. He must calculate the impact of each word, stress and even the tone of his voice.

For instance while telling his diagnosis to his patient, a physician has the responsibility to employ a humane manner and approach with courtesyand rationalism.For instance he may be a cancer-patient with a few weeks time left. However as anyone may know, the person who must express this fact must possess many human attributesalong with medical knowledge and skills to  diagnose and cure the illness and communicate the situation of the patient to him in the best humane manner.

Consequently being knowledgeable about a subject or being capable of noticing the truth must not grant a person the freedom to express it in a crude manner or speak every thing that comes to his mind. Keeping in mind many details altogether, the actual sign of wisdom is to speak within the framework of kindness, compassion, moderation, understanding, love and respect. A person who is wise in the true sense of the word is the person who is able to make use of his wisdom together with all these details. 

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