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''The Desire to be On one's Own'' with no reason is a scheme of Satan

Many people  assume that the best solution to any troubles they encounter   is to be alone. Whether they are  at work, or out and about somewhere, they simply wish  to go home as soon as possible. If they are with their friends, they abandon   them . When  they are with their families at home, they retreat to  their room and never leave . If it is crowded everywhere else, as a last resort, they will go somewhere like the bathroom, where they think no one will see them. In brief, no matter how the conditions may be, they will try anything and everything  to be alone.

They are not aware that withdrawal from the company of others or isolation  will make their troubles go away . If anyone asks them about the reason for wanting to be left alone , they state that they really don't know why. That is because no matter the situation,   their chief concern  is to “evade rational thinking.” When they are in the company of other  people , they have to act reasonably and rationally. However when they remain alone, they don’t have to think about this,  and can simply act “without thinking.” They believe that this avoidance will provide them relief.


The Desire to be Alone incites satan to action  

If a person wants to remain alone so that he can ponder upon a subject related to his faith,  think clearly and in a better fashion, take refuge in Allah and ask help from Him, implore Him and pray to Him, this would  be a very reasonable demand. In many verses of the Qur’an, Allah recommends to people this morality. In order to attain a profound state of mind, there is surely no  need to be alone, but when the intention is to turn to Allah, this tendency may be considered to be legitimate.

However as stated above, people seek to avoid the company of others  around them and remain on their own most typically in  times of trouble or stress, when they come under the influence of their lower-selves, when they do not properly ponder upon the verses of the Qur’an, and when they do not fully act in compliance with their conscience. When they remain on their own, it is satan who first approaches them and tries  to take advantage of their situation. Satan distances these  people from their conscience and makes them come under the influence of their lower-selves. He tries to make them forget about thinking in compliance with the morality of the Qur’an and thus prevent them from displaying the best attitude deserving Allah’s consent. Satan is in a constant state of activity  to divert  people into a frame of mind  that is not compatible with the morality of the Qur’an. His goal is to make people fall into romanticism, despair, sorrow, apprehension and pessimism, and he does his utmost to make them feel insecure and uneasy. Making people forget the fact that not even  a mote  of dust can move, unless otherwise willed by Allah, he makes them think as if people can have any effect on any incident that happens. As a result of this delusion, satan tries to make people give in to feelings of  rage, grudge, jealousy, sensitivity and vexation, and to thereby display attitudes incompatible with the morality of the Qur’an.

Pretexts to be on one’s own

The human character depicted above  is frequently seen in novels, movies or serial dramas. From our earliest childhood, , many people have had such friends, family members or relatives. As a  result of the erroneous morality instilled by society,, people who do not employ their wisdom, and live by the morality of the Qur’an tend to display such attitudes when they encounter particularly difficult or troublesome situations. These people typically do not let anyone  disrupt their loneliness. They sometimes try to extend this period of being on their own  by pretending to be sick or sleepless. Once they manage to be on their own, they “do nothing”, which is basically what they wanted to do all along. By being alone, these people simply evade the following:

They do not think,

They do not employ their conscience or wisdom,

They do not seek ways to correct their situation

They do not suppress the wicked desires  of their lower-selves,

They do not hide their troubles  from other people, nor do they  show good morality to people,

They do not   display a sensible and mature character towards people,

They do not  show love, compassion, self -sacrifice and many other attitudes peculiar to moral perfection.

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