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Making effort to attain a profound faith is a very important act of worship

The precious effort made towards attainment of a profound faith is a life-long struggle for a Muslim. From the moment a person opens his eyes he starts to struggle towards drawing close to Allah.

He gives thanks to Allah because He has given him life once again and made  it possible to awaken in the morning. .

He earnestly prays both for himself and for his Muslim brothers and sisters.

He works tirelessly  to spread the moral perfection,  as Allah commands us in the Qur’an to every corner of the world.

He keeps his moral perfection throughout the day.

He does not give in to the desires of his lower-self but assumes the kind of attitudes that deserve Allah’s good pleasure; he remains faithful to Allah at every moment of his life.

He constantly remembers Allah, thinks about His blessings, and communicates them to people around them.

No doubt such efforts of a Muslim shows his determination to be close to Allah and wish to earn Allah’s admiration, Insha'Allah. Allah accepts such a prayer of this servant; He renders him amongst those who have fear of Allah. He grants him great wisdom, understanding, majesty and might, and makes him a sincere servant.

The actual purpose of a Muslim is to be aware of his servanthood  and to comply with the commandments in the Qur’an to the letter. A person is responsible for making effort in attaining a deeper faith. Even a person who has  encountered many hardships and ardous tests on the way of Allah must renew his intention every day, keep the zeal and enthusiasm originating from his faith alive. and never forget his actual aim.

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