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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (12 October 2016)


God says in Surah an-Nisa, verse 75, I seek refuge in God from satan; "What reason could you have for not fighting in the Way of God: "...for those men, women and children who are oppressed and say, ‘Our Lord, take us out of this city whose inhabitants are wrongdoers," The people are wrongdoers, like Syria where there is bloodshed. They say "take us out of this city". The Muslims want to escape, they want to emigrate. "...Give us a protector from You," and what are some people saying? They say, "There is no need for somebody like that". God says that there is a need for it. Look at what God says in the verse; "...Give us a protector from You." The people say that send us someone, sends us a leader. "...Give us a helper from You" they want someone, they want a leader. "What reason could you have for not fighting in the Way of God?"  [Surah an-Nisa', 75] God says, "Why don't you make an effort".

For example, Dhul-Qarnayn was not a prophet. Almighty God says in Surah al-Kahf verse 84, I seek refuge in God from satan: We gave him (Dhul-Qarnayn) power and authority on the earth and granted him a way (reason) to everything. [Surah al-Kahf, 84] a head, a leader. They were saying that there's no need, what happened to it? It turns out there is a need.

For example, in the 246th verse of Surah al-Baqara, God says: "What do you think about the council of the tribe of Israel after Musa’s time..." "...when they said to one of their Prophets:" They say this to the Prophet "‘Give us a king and we will fight in the Way of God!’" King. So the Muslims want a king, look, even though he is a Prophet, they want a king. Because the Prophet spreads religion but a commander is a different thing, isn't it? The Prophet talks about prophethood but it is different when he is given the duty of a commander. Khalid ibn al-Walid and Hazrat Omar (ra) were the commanders of our Prophet (saas). They are leaders. Some people say, "there shouldn't be leaders". 12 imams were leaders, how come there can't be leaders? For instance Talut, he is not mentioned as a prophet in the Quran but he was a leader, a commander, through him believers achieved victory.



In order to feel passion for someone, that someone must be a person who melts in the presence of God, they need to love God more than anything, including themselves. They always have to take God's side. Every moment, they need to think about and fear God, and love Him with the highest possible love. And, they need to be meticulous about everything God says. They need to fulfill every commandment of God. They mustn't be selfish or egoistical. They need to be meticulous about the commandments of the Quran. They need to lose themselves in them. They need to live for their loved ones, not for themselves. They need to be stalwart and courageous. They need to be profound thinkers. They need to be clean, pure, conscientious, merciful. They need to have a protective spirit. God grants a profound spirit of love to those people as a miracle. A feeling that no one knows, descends upon that person. It is a substantial miracle. A magnificent power is bestowed particularly upon these people by God, the power of passion. The other person can't understand this, they can't notice that passion. Only those who know passion can notice it. A common person who doesn't possess these characteristics can't notice this. When a regular, common person talks to them, they notice that there is something peculiar, something extraordinary about such individuals, but they cannot sense its profoundness. They might like it and sense that it is something that cannot be described. But they must share the same characteristics, even if it is partially, for them to truly communicate with such people. Or else, they cannot sense it. Otherwise, a notion of love develops between them that is a mere imitation of common, ordinary love. They concern themselves with their future husbands' wealth, possessions, whether they can take care of them in sickness, whether they can provide them a comfortable living. These are the things that rouse their passion. This is where their passion and love derives from. They want their future husbands' possessions only for themselves. As for men, what they look for in the future wives is whether they are meticulous about food hygiene, whether they are good at housework, whether they can satisfy and entertain them, whether they can patiently endure their moodiness; they see wives as servants at their disposal. But if the girl has a rich father, how wonderful. If she owns a car, even better. Above all, if she owns a house... This is why parents buy their daughters a car and a house, because like attracts like. Since a girl who owns a car and a house will not marry a man that does not have any of them... This is similar to gambling where one of the gamblers bet a car and a house, and the other calls the bet and then they toss the dice. It is the same with such people in that they want the possessions of the others to be made over to their name. For example, the woman wants the man's possessions to be made over herself and vice-versa. This is their notion of passion. This is a characteristic that can be found among animals as well. Animals, too, look for a place to take refuge and food, do they not? They instinctively do the same thing as these people do. Believers do not share the same notion of love with that of disbelievers or that of ordinary people. In other words, they have greatly differing perspectives. For that reason, when a woman meets a man, she immediately starts to wonder about his wealth, his fidelity, whether he will take care of him all his life, whether he will take care of her in sickness, or whether he will take care of her family. And the man wonders about whether the woman will wash his or his father's clothes, or whether she will take care of his mother when she becomes ill and needs to go to the hospital. They make such a technical appraisal of each other. This is truly sad. They should adhere to pure love, courage and honesty.

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