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The infinite love to be enjoyed by the will of Allah

Almighty Allah (God) is Omniscient. Infinite knowledge and blessings are His. And our Lord is infinitely beautiful and infinitely loving. He created man and gave him form as a manifestation of that infinite beauty.

Human beings possess the soul given them by Allah. This means that t

hey may possess great amounts of all things through His will and mercy.

People generally live without realizing this in the life of this world. So they never think that they might be able to possess a boundless power of love and wisdom. As a result, they fail to love other people because they possess the spirit of Allah, and it never even crosses their minds. They are unaware that people possess a depth of soul stemming from the spirit of Allah and, therefore, that they could enjoy an intimate and powerful love with them. And this is definitely a major deficiency.

For these reasons, these people tend to have a very superficial conception of love. The love they feel and give is limited to the physical--or to their homes, cars and future security... As a result, that love comes to an end whenever they come to any physical harm, when they lose their cars, or when their futures are threatened. That is as far as their conception can go. There is no system that can repair and rebuild it. Since they are all bound to transitory values, since the life of this world is transitory, and since these things will all eventually disappear, it is inevitable that their love will also cease to exist. And that is indeed what happens.

But when one loves other people because they bear the spirit of Allah and knows that there is the possibility of an infinite love and loving from Allah, it is impossible for that feeling ever to come to an end unless Allah so wills. One realizes that one can enjoy a love that matures, deepens and increases with the passage of time, rather than shrinking in the face of the passing of time, sickness, want and trouble. There is no limit to that.

People’s true state is that in the Hereafter, where there is no imperfection or difficulty. Allah will manifest human beings there with the perfect form He wills them to have. It will only be possible for someone with the spirit of Allah to experience love by feeling the delight enjoyed by the soul, to discover the deep personality and existence in other people’s eyes and to establish a profound connection to them in their minds by binding themselves to and understanding Allah. Knowing that one bears the spirit of Allah is an infinite blessing. By Allah’s will, one can possess all things an infinite number of times. And that includes love.

In a verse our Almighty Lord reveals that true love can only be bestowed from His presence:

As for those who believe and do right actions, the All-Merciful will bestow His love on them. (Surah Maryam, 96)
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