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One should not be distressed for not being able to express himself completely. Allah would definitely make what is in him felt to others.

Sometimes a person feels the stress of not being able to express his thoughts and feelings completely to the others around him. Not being able to express himself the way he wanted to, not being able to make the other person perceive the things he experiences in himself in the way he perceives, distresses that person. He thinks that only if he could succeed in that, he would be able to make the others understand him and change their ideas about him in that respect.  

It is of course a good thing to succeed in that-if it is at all possible. It is sure enough, just like he thinks, an important aspect for people to understand and to get to know each other better.  However if one fails to express himself the way he wants to, if he fails to communicate his thoughts completely, this should not become an issue that perturbs or stresses him.   

This is because Allah is the One Who creates that person he is talking to; Allah is the One Who creates the incidents he lives through. All the opinions and feelings are created only by Allah.  Even if a person fails to express himself properly to others, it is Allah Who knows all that he feels inside the best. Allah is the One Who creates all these things he lives through anyway.  Consequently if a person -no matter what the subject is about- harbors sincere and good feelings inside; if he aims the goodness, friendship and good morality, it is Allah Who would make the others feel all those things he feels inside. For that reason there is nothing that would distress and trouble a person in that respect.  

However, if that person attempts to give a false impression to the others by just trying to cover up even the smallest evil feelings by words, then of course that person might be in such a distress caused by this insincerity. That is because he would be trying to create an impression about himself for the others which is actually not true.  And Allah knows this inadequacy in that person's heart.  Consequently even if that person succeeds to persuade the other that he has good intentions, Allah would create all the incidents according to this person's actual intentions. The flaws he has in his heart -even if people around him believe in the contrary- would somehow reflect to that person's life.  

For that reason, if one desires to create a positive opinion in people around him, instead of attempting to persuade those people around him only through words, he should mainly strive to attain a genuine purity in his soul. If he lives a genuine sincerity in him Allah would definitely make the others feel this value in him. 

2010-07-31 09:31:18

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