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Ability to use one's intellect is a privilege

Some people have conspicuously superior features when compared to the majority. People, who see this, feel a profound respect and admiration for such people.  However they do not think much about the origin of this admiration.  Some people who observe the situation from the outside might imagine that this person intrinsically had these superior features. They believe that this is the nature or the personality of that person, and thus he earns such an admiration without facing any difficulties.  Whereas one of the most important features of that person who is watched with admiration is "his ability to use his intellect". The superiorities this person possesses appear as the result of his using his intellect.  

Some people when they have the opportunity to benefit from these beauties in a person's morality, they accept it with pleasure. However they avoid using their own intellects to enable the same beauties to be created on themselves. They regard it as a very laborious effort and instead they prefer to "imitate those who make use of their intellects". Allah revealed the situation of such people in the Qur'an with the following verse: "Most of them do not use their intellect."  (Surat Al-Maida:103)  

However imitating intellect without using his own, would neither give the result that they would want to achieve, nor create an admiration on the people around them.  This free-riding, rote learning model which is not based on the use of intellect would affect the others negatively most of the time.  The words of a person who does not use his intellect but only transfers the information would not bring out the desired effect on the people around.  Moreover, almost having a hypnotic effect, even a very interesting matter might cause the brains of the listeners get numbed and distract their attention.  Similarly manners adopted through imitation would bring about a discomfort on others. An immense contrast is formed in between the manners of a person making use of his intellect and manners not adopted by the use of intellect, which would not be implemented sufficiently, in the most appropriate, most essential and most to the point fashion, in the relevant place, without calculating the affect it would create around him.

Another point that people who adopt such a style, instead of using their own intellect do not consider is the fact that using intellect is a very big blessing, privilege and comfort for a person. Using one's intellect is also something very pleasant.  Once a person starts using his intellect, he would be attaining the most beautiful way of life in every aspect of life. He would attain an understanding that would enable him to take the highest pleasure from all the blessings of the world. He solves everything in the shortest time possible. He would bring his morality and his personality to the most perfect state. Every feature he has would create an absolute admiration and acclaim. Every word of him would be out of the ordinary, original and would break the negative effect of getting accustomed to things. His speeches would be effective, wise and would provide the highest benefit possible to the people. There will be no irritating detail in his manners. He would speak his every word by considering the effect it would have around him and their risks in the best manner. He would win love, respect, intimacy, friendship and trust. He would also attain a profundity that would enable him to live love, respect and friendship in the most perfect manner.  

Of course making use of one's intellect might not be possible for everyone. That is because intellect only comes along with faith. Allah will bestow a person intellect, sincerity and an open mind to the extent he loves and fears Allah; to the extent he values Allah's command above everything else in the world.  

For that reason, especially people who are aware of this faith related fact should aspire deeply to become a person who really uses his intellect and should endeavor seriously in this respect. Understanding the fact that this is one of the biggest blessings possible in life of this world is very important.  There are massive differences in between the life of a person who makes use of his intellect and that of a person who does not make use of his intellect but only adopts an imitative and narrative approach. However someone who fails to open his mind is in fact unaware of the extent of the loss he is in, because of this situation.  Only a person who makes use of his intellect has the open mind to realize the extent of their loss.  
For that reason every person should think about the possibility that he might be making use of his intellect insufficiently and should strive to use it much better according to this possibility.  If a person acts honestly and sincerely towards Allah, Allah would inspire him how to behave in the face of every event, every moment; Allah would inspire him the wisest words, the wisest behaviors. Those who are very sincere towards Allah, Allah would deem them very wise. Allah had revealed this fact to the people in the Qur'an as follows:  

O you who believe! if you fear Allah, He will grant you a criterion (to judge between right and wrong), remove from you (all) evil (that may afflict) you, and forgive you: for Allah is the Lord of grace unbounded. (Surat Al-Anfal:29)

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