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The excellent moral values of believers-2

Unity, devotion, love, affection, compassion, altruism, trust... Solidarity, friendship, mutual assistance, tolerance, loyalty, faithfulness, concern and protection of others ...

Most people express their longing for features of proper moral values at every available opportunity. They complain of being unable to come by features of such proper moral values they wish for. In fact, however, proper moral values are only possible through fearing God and feeling deep devotion to Him. It is therefore only sincere believers who truly live by these virtues.

There are many verses in the Qur’an concerning people’s daily lives and social relationships. Believers seek to live by these pleasing moral values God revealed in the Qur’an at every moment of their lives. No matter what the circumstances may be, they never make any concessions on demonstrating these proper moral values. In this film, you will witness the excellent moral values of believers.

2006-12-04 12:59:07

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