Evolution Hoax

Haaretz: Atlas of Creation refutes Darwinism with the fossil records

One of the oldest daily newspapers of Israel, Haaretz published an article titled, "Compared to the US, creationists are leagues ahead in Turkish schools."

A part of this article is as below:

"In 2006, the book titled "Atlas of Creation" printed on prime quality paper came into many Turkish schools with the claim to refute the notion of evolution through natural selection. It bravely called attention to the fossil records to elucidate that creation is the work of God. Moreover, the book argued that evolution is also accountable for anti-Islamic and destructive doctrines such as Nazism and communism."

Haaretz: Yaratılış Atlası evrim teorisini fosil kayıtlarıyla çürütüyor

2017-11-04 23:47:47

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