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Dagsavisen: Harun Yahya’s views find support among the young and educated people in Europe

Oslo-based Norwegian newspaper known for its affiliation with the Norwegian Workers Party, Dagsavisen published an article about the teaching of evolution theory at the Turkish curriculum.

"The Turkish Muslim creationist known for his anti-Darwinist work gains increasingly wider ground among the immigrants in Europe.

Holding religious discussions on his own TV program, the extent of Adnan Oktar's popularity is not limited to Turkey. His ideas have passed way beyond national borders - Oktar's creationist ideas are particularly cherished by the Middle Eastern immigrants residing in Europe. 10 years ago, him sending out copies of his own work, a textbook titled 'Atlas of Creation,' to schools in Europe sparked a debate. Hans Henrik Hjermitslev, a researcher in Southern Denmark University Department of Religion and Science, notes that Oktar still remains the stronghold of Muslim creationism and adds: "His views find support among the young and educated people in Europe."

Dagsavisen: Adnan Oktar’ın görüşleri Avrupadaki genç ve eğitimli kesim tarafından büyük destek görüyor

2017-11-05 00:13:32

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