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Newspaper of New Zealand refers to the Atlas of Creation as the reason why only few people believe in Darwinism in Turkey

The Dominion Post, based in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, issued a news piece about the impacts of anti-Darwinist publications of Harun Yahya in the world, and in Turkey.

The article mentions about the recent survey, which reveals that only 30% of Turkish people believe in Darwinism.

The article also mentions that Harun Yahya’s book Atlas of Creation distributed widely in the European countries especially appealed at the young Muslims living in Europe and that Harun Yahya asserts that Darwinism is in conflict with the Quran.

Yeni Zelanda gazetesi: Türkiye’de Darwinizme inanma oranlarının düşük olmasının sebebi Adnan Oktar’ın kitapları

2017-11-05 00:42:05

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