Evolution Hoax

Israel's Spanish language newspapers refers to Harun Yahya's book Atlas of Creation

Israel's Spanish language newspaper which started its publication in 1963 published an article about the theory of evolution and the Turkish curriculum.

This article refers to the impacts of Harun Yahya's works as follows:

"In 2006, with its first grade page quality, the book Atlas of Creation entered many Turkish schools with the intention of refuting the idea of ​​evolution through natural selection. It boldly pointed to the fossil records to explain that Creation is the work of God. The book also claimed that evolution was responsible for destructive and anti-Islamic doctrines, such as Nazism and communism.

İsrail'in Aurora Gazetesi Adnan Oktar'ın Yaratılış Atlası adlı eserini anlatıyor

2017-11-05 01:17:23

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