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Imagine the operations of a modern international company. Hundreds of thousands of highly qualified people gather under the one roof of this business organization, all working toward a common goal. This company has factories, production facilities, administrative centers, branch offices and subsidiaries throughout the world.

Imagine that the English branch of this company informs the head office in America of the demand trends of consumers in England; the management in America, taking account of the latest consumer expectations, sends a directive to the research and development department in Italy; the prototypes designed in Italy are submitted for public approval back in England. The prototypes that gain approval are produced in the Chinese factories of this international company, and a huge world wide advertising campaign is organized to introduce these new products . . .

The organization outlined above must have highly-ordered communication at every level. Administrators, engineers, workers, advertisers, marketing officials and many others must be in constant cooperation with one another. Success depends directly on communication. Otherwise, this company could not survive in today's rapidly changing and developing environment.

Now, imagine a much larger organization. The number of people that belong to this organization is far greater. Suppose that everyone in the world, about 6 billion people, works for this organization. Everyone has his own special job. Hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of people gather under the same roof to perform a common task. There is such a tight web of administration and information that every one of these 6 billion people is informed individually by means of a cellular phone as to what he or she has to do. For example, if one of these people is employed in a factory, he may sometimes be told to increase the speed of production, sometimes to slow it down, and sometimes to alter the product. Finally, imagine that an organized plan and communications system exist so that millions of people throughout the hundreds of thousands of different locations all over the world work according to this common plan.

Now, let's enlarge our example a little. Imagine that the population of the world is much greater than it is at present, but that our organization functions even more efficiently.

Suppose that the population is fifteen thousand times greater than it is today, that there are fifteen thousand other planets like this Earth and that the 6 billion people crowded onto each planet make up a total of 100 trillion people. Further suppose that this collection of human beings works together in perfect harmony, each individual being informed by cellular phone as to what he has to do.

 iletişim ağı, şirket iletişim

The communication and coordination of the many branches of an international company is very complicated. Directors, managers, engineers and advertisers have to be in touch with one another at all times. The communication network in the human body is millions of times more complex than that of the largest international company.

This example is beyond our power to conceive, but is actually a simplified description of an existing organization, which operates every second throughout the whole world among the approximately 100 trillion cells that make up the human body.

As you are reading this, millions of operations are happening in your body. In these operations there is a calculation of the needs of every cell in every part of the body, and a determination of what function each cell must perform; measures are taken to respond to the requirements of the cells and each cell is informed individually as to what it must do.

For example, what allows you to read this book are your eye cells, and to nourish them, glucose is required. To respond to those needs, a system was established in your body that calculates how much sugar there is in your blood and that keeps the amount stable. There is a great plan, organized by the web of communication among the cells, that calculates how many times a minute your heart must beat, the level of calcium stored in your body, the amount of blood your kidneys filter and thousands of other such details. This system of chemical communication that ensures that the 100 trillion cells work in harmony with one another is called the hormone system.

The hormone system, together with the nervous system, ensures the coordination of the cells of the body. If we compare the nervous system to messages sent over the Internet, the hormone system can be compared to a letter sent by post: it is slower, but its effect lasts longer.

When we examine these systems that control the body, a fact becomes clear that most people are not aware of. Most people are convinced that they themselves control the direction of their lives. If you asked someone, "How much of your body do you control?" he would surely say, "All of it." But this answer contradicts the scientific facts.

To God belong the Most Beautiful Names,
so call on Him by them and abandon those who desecrate His Names. They will be repaid for what they did.
(Qur'an, 7: 180)

A person is in control of a very limited part of his body, and even of that part his control is only partial. For example, he can use his body to walk, or to speak or he can use his hands to work, but deep within his body there are thousands of chemical and physical operations going on without his knowing about or willing them. Anyone who thinks that he is completely in charge of his own body (or his own life) is greatly mistaken.

Another fact we will see when we examine the perfect communication system described in this book is this: An organism cannot possibly be formed by lifeless matter, on its own and by chance. Darwinists and materialists do not believe in God; they believe that ultimately living things were formed spontaneously and by chance out of lifeless matter. However, in the twentieth century thousands of discoveries were made concerning cells and the systems contained in them. It is now known that cells have a highly complex design. The communication between hormones and cells alone is enough to show what an extraordinary system exists in cells, and that they could not have been formed by chance.

This book has two aims: First, to show (with the support of scientific evidence)  Darwinists and materialists who make chance their god that their philosophy is illogical and untenable. Second, to once again show those who believe in God, examples of the excellence of His creation, so that they may see the glory, power and sublimity of our Lord and exalt Him for His excellent works.

In the pages that follow, we shall examine the hormone system that controls the human body for the benefit of the human being and that is a manifestation of the wonder of creation, and we shall witness together the creative art of God.


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