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The latest Darwinist manoeuvrings are of no avail as objections to Darwinism in Britain rise


Prof. Michael Reiss

The Church of England’s clasping Darwin to its bosom and the protests against the suggestion by Professor Michael Reiss, Britain’s Royal Society’s director of education, that Creation should be taught alongside evolution show that there is a real panic in the country on the subject of Darwinism.
We are really rather familiar with this air of panic. Similar widespread and powerful panic has already been experienced in other countries possessed of a Darwinist mindset to which the Atlas of Creation has found its way. Readers will recall the stunning impact of the Atlas of Creation, described as “a cold shower,”[i] exploding like a bomb on schools, “invading countries”[ii] and “a broadside”[iii] in various European countries. The panic that has broken out in Britain is a reaction experienced in every Darwinist European country alarmed by the realities set out in the Atlas of Creation.
Now, the Church of England’s sudden attempt to engage in a rapprochement with Darwin is a reflection of the panic in question. Seeing how Great Britain has rapidly begun abandoning the theory of evolution, Darwinist circles seem to have decided that the best, albeit final resort was to involve the Church. They imagined that they could thus avoid a comprehensive and absolute defeat.
The fact is, however, that there is nothing for them to be ashamed of. The most proper thing to do would be to admit that defeat. The whole world has seen that a deception lasting 150 years has finally come to an end. A hundred million fossils proving Creation and that were deliberately and systematically hidden from the public eye for many years have now been put on display in the Atlas of Creation. For 150 years, nobody ever mentioned that not a single intermediate form fossil exists, but people have now learned this truth for themselves. It has been scientifically proven through laboratory experiments that proteins cannot emerge by chance. It has been explained to people that they cannot perceive the electrical signals reaching their brains as an image by way of evolution, and neither can they perceive the same electricity reaching the brain as sounds through evolution. It has been proved that for this to be explained there needs to be an entity that sees images and hears sounds, and that this can never be accounted for in terms of the theory of evolution. To put it another way, the whole world has seen the evidence of the collapse of evolution.
Darwinist circles reluctant to accept defeat despite seeing it perfectly clearly always imagine they can find a way out of dead-ends such as these. They are now making use of the Church to issue dishonest statements to the effect that Darwin was in fact religious. The fact is that Darwin openly expressed his lack of belief in Allah (God). He behaved quite honestly on that subject and did not attempt to hide his disbelief. British Darwinists are now using another deception and attempting to spark off another storm of deception, which is equally unbecoming.How is it possible for anyone who believes that life in the universe emerged by chance and spends his whole life attempting to convince others of that to believe in Allah? It is obviously disgraceful to try to deceive people by describing someone who openly denied Allah as “a good Christian” or “a religious person.” Society will never swallow such a deception.
But the Darwinist method has always been built on falsehoods, because the theory itself is a lie.
Were the theory of evolution true, were it proved by scientific evidence, then there would be no need for official support to prop it up. Unilaterally striving to silence Creation, burning books, cancelling conferences, halting fossil exhibitions and attempting to turn education away from Creation just proves that the theory is an unsupported and groundless one devoid of any supporting evidence.Darwinists are afraid of Creation being taught in schools because they know that it will then become crystal clear that Darwinism is a lie. That is why the suggestion from Royal Society director of education Michael Reiss that Creation be taught alongside evolution provoked such a fierce reaction from such dyed-in-the-wool atheist evolutionists as Richard Dawkins. That is also why Reiss was swiftly removed from his post at the Royal Society in the wake of his suggestion. This is merely the latest example of millions of acts of intimidation over the years all stemming from Darwinist fears. Unable to bear the repetition of the fact of Creation, evolutionists have silenced another professor espousing Creation, before the eyes of the entire world.
If Darwinists still maintain that they espouse the theory of evolution for scientific purposes, then they should support the inclusion of Creation in the curriculum, rather than silencing the proponents of Creationism or seeking to have Darwinism imposed on people by official means. If Darwinists claim to be scientific, then schools and universities should have instructors teaching Creation as well as evolution. As the scientific evidence in favour of Creation is revealed, evolutionists should also reveal their own evidence, if they actually have any, that is.
But evolutionists have no such evidence.
Since there is no evidence for evolution, Darwinists are terrified of Creation being officially taught in schools as well as the theory of evolution. That is because they are well aware that the scientific evidence will demolish their nonsense.
Since there is no evidence for evolution, there is an attempt to impose the theory of evolution on 95% of the countries of the world. Imposition is the only way of propping Darwinism up.
Since there is no evidence for evolution, Darwinists try to have fossil exhibitions banned across the world. They are terrified at the thought of people seeing stones unearthed from below the ground. They therefore quickly have them hidden away.
This is the first time in the history of the world that it has ever been subjected to such a furious ideological imposition. Hitler imposed fascism only on Germany. Stalin imposed communism only on Russia. The first global imposition belongs to Darwin. The essence of that imposition is this: “Stop producing books, or else we will burn them!” “Stop displaying fossils, or we will close the exhibitions down!” “Stop holding conferences, or we will have them closed!” “But we will support Darwinism officially across the states at all costs. And even if it seems completely illogical to us!”
Of course the theory of evolution seems illogical to them. What Darwinist could really believe in such a false logic? They just hope that the other side will believe in such nonsense.
But that hope has been in vain. People are now openly saying they do not want evolution. Now that they are fully aware of the evolution deceit they are openly saying, “chance cannot bring anything into existence.” They do not believe in the idea that Darwinists are trying to impose, that everything came into being by chance; they reject the lie that chance gave rise to living things, human beings, civilisations, technologies, London or Paris. They reject the attempts to impose that nonsense on them. Having seen these 100 million fossils they no longer find any of the explanations provided by the theory of evolution credible.
People now know that the theory of evolution has no supporting evidence and has been totally discredited by these 100 million fossils. No matter how Darwinist circles announce apologizing ecclesiastical statements or try to oppose the teaching of Creation in schools, the outcome will still be the same. People will continue to believe that chance never created anything and that the theory of evolution has deceived the world, and that it is a comprehensive lie used to mislead the public.

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The results of opinion polls in Europe clearly show that people have now rejected the theory of evolution:

92% of people in a poll on the French scientific web site Science Actualités, 86% of people in a survey on the German daily Die Welt web site, 88% of people in a poll in the Danish daily Ekstra Bladet web site, 87% of people in a survey on the German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung web site and 85% of people in a poll on the Swiss paper Blick web site REJECT EVOLUTION.

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