Evolution Hoax

Why proteins can not emerge by chance?

Evolutionists claim that life emerged by chance, from a single protein.



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Proteins are synthesized with the aid enzymes.

But enzymes themselves are proteins.

In other words, proteins already have to exist in order for a protein to be synthesized.


Sixty different enzymes have to exist at one and the same time for the production of a single protein molecule.

It is DNA that manufactures these proteins.

But you need protein for DNA to be copied.

In other words, DNA must already exist in order for a protein to be produced.


It is essential for DNA and proteins to be present at the same time and place for life to appear.



The cell and all its organelles have to exist, fully formed, in order for a protein to be produced.

Proteins can only be synthesized within the cell at a specific temperature and ph level.

In other words, the cell must already be fully in existence and functioning in order for the proteins that constitute the cell to form.


The probability of an average-sized protein molecule emerging by chance is 1 in 10 951. In practice, that means “zero probability.”


Darwinists’ claim that “protein formed by chance in a primordial soup: is completely UNSCIENTIFIC, and ILLOGICAL.

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