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A call for an Islamic common action

Azerbaijan TV, June 11-2008

Adnan Oktar: But they will find an extremely peaceful and safe life in Turkish Islamic Union. Raw material resources will be abundant.  Trade will boost to its highest level. A  system of justice  and peace will  prevail.

Al Baghdadi TV, June 29-2008

Adnan Oktar:  To act as a union in brotherhood and unity is a fardh (a religious obligation) on Muslims. According to the Qur’an Muslims should gather around an Islamic leader. Muslims should to observe this fardh. I say this because a Turkish Islamic union must be formed, with pioneering of Turks, and Turkish people. Let every nation remain as it is. Every state must be free in their domestic affairs. But there must be a spiritual leader.  Just like Christians having Pope as their leader, Muslims should have a spiritual leader as well. If there exists a leader heading the union, the disorder and strife will easily come to an end. Then, even if only a nail of a Muslim is harmed, such harmful events will be stopped immediately because Muslims will be acting in union. When we are divided, when the philosophy of “divide, disintegrate and swallow” applied, the fragmented parts will be easily swallowed. However it is impossible to swallow the Islamic Union as a whole block. Muslims should act according to this fardh as soon as possible.

MPL TV Satranç Tahtası Programı, December 19-2008

Adnan Oktar: LET BORDERS BE OPENED, LET’S LIFT THE VISAS, LET THE TRADE BOOM, LET US EMBRACE THEM ALL, LET THERE BE JOY AND CELEBRATION, LET THE ABUNDANCE SURROUND EVERYWHERE. Let the world see the ugliness of egoism, treachery, selfishness, and let them envy us.

Haber7.com, November 10-2009



The final declaration of the ISEDAK economic summit held in Istanbul by The Standing Committee For Economic And Commercial Cooperation of The Organization of the Islamic Conference, with participation of 57 countries, has been accepted by all participant nations. In this declaration, increasing the commercial cooperation within the Organization of the Islamic Conference was decided upon.  

To lessen the negative effects of the economic crisis in the Islamic Conference countries, a call has been made for an Islamic common action. The issued declaration stated; “we, as the heads of states, governments, ministers and IKT general secretary, declare our wishes again for the desire of deepening our economic and trade cooperation, to establish lasting development  for mutual benefits, and to eliminate  the difficulties which the 21st century has brought to us.’’ With these expressions, the importance of the unity of Islamic countries is underscored.   

2010-04-23 09:36:26

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