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Turkey: The sole leader state in Africa, the Middle East and Asia

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Konya TV-February 28, 2008

Presenter: Yes. We have come right to what I wanted to ask about. We have talked about the examples of Iraq and Palestine, but dramas of this kind are taking place all over Muslim lands. There is still no unity in the lands of Islam. What is Turkey’s responsibility in that respect?

Adnan Oktar: Turkey’s duty is to lead the Turkish-Islamic world. The Turkish nation has a huge responsibility. Leadership of the Turkish-Islamic world is of the greatest duties in history. THIS IS ONE OF THE CRUCIAL TASKS FALLING TO THE TURKISH NATION. We, the Turkish nation, have a duty not just to save Turkey, but to save the entire Turkish-Islamic world. The Turkish nation is truly unlike any other. This is not racism, but Turks are loyal and very good natured. They are humane. And very compassionate. And unbelievably self-sacrificing. Go to any village. Go as their guest. They give guests the very best places, the finest food, the most comfortable beds, and offer them the best glasses to drink from. What does this mean? It means that our people are not egotistical or selfish, but are a loving loyal and joyous nation. They long to give their lives up for Allah.They are heroic, and filled with a boyish enthusiasm.

Daily Vakit-May 23, 2008

“Turkey: the sole leader state in Africa, the Middle East and Asia”
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