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The most valid passport in Afghanistan is Turkish flag what he said

What He Said?What Happened?

Azernews, October 23-2008

Adnan Oktar: TURKEY WILL BE THE GREAT TURKEY. I am ephasizing it. It is clear. Look, I am not saying 90%. It is 100%. IT WILL BE THE LEADER OF THE TURKISH ISLAMIC WORLD. ALL THE WORLD WILL SEE THIS IN 10 TO 20 YEARS TIME. I am here and you are here too. Everybody is here. This is clear. By the will of Allah, there isn’t any other way for this. THIS IS THE DESTINIY OF HUMANITY INSHAALLAH. It will happen like this. As the leader of the Turkish-Islamic world, Turkey already has a domination over the Islamic world. But the Turkish countries are already Muslim countries in general. Thus Turkey will be the leader of  both Muslims and Christians and Jews inshaAllah. I mean it is the leader, will be the leader inshaAllah. And it will offer them peace, tranquility and justice. Now Turkey is practicing this. It is practicing in Bosnia, in Iraq too. It is PRACTICING IN AFGHANISTAN TOO, practicing in everywhere. Whereever they go, they are welcomed affectionately. But the area of it will get wider. Because our nation is charitable, likes love and friendship. I mean they don’t eat themselves, make the others eat; they don’t drink themselves, make the others drink. For example, if they have their best bed, they give it to their guest, they don’t ask for it for themselves.


Kıbrıs Post, September 23-2009

Adnan Oktar: Here is an excitement. Here is a public spirit. Here is a protective feeling. Here is a justice feeling. The justice of Ottoman was well known.  And trust in Turkish army is  absolute. When you say Turkish army, it is loved everywhere in the world. For example, it went to Bosnia, they welcomed Turkish soldiers happily. For example, it is going to other countries. Let’s assume that it is going to Afghanistan and they welcome affectionately. There is affection towards Turkish army everywhere. This is based on the affection towards Turks. Because there is generally mercy, justice, compassion feeling in Turks. This isn’t a case one comes across in the other countries in the world. For instance, you can’t see this much in Germans. They admit it too. But this isn’t racial superiority. It is a beauty stemming from morality and love...

Haberturk, February 10-2010

Kabul area commander Brigadier General Levent Çolak stated that Turkish soldier hasn’t shot fire on Afghanis except for self defence. Çolak, who says that Turkish flag is the most valid passport in Afghanistan adds that because of this other countries use Turkish flag also when they patrol and that they  have warned them due to this.

2010-05-20 18:17:11

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