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Istanbul is the address of understanding Islam

What He Said?What Happened?

Başkent TV, April 4-  2009 

Adnan Oktar: The world admires the morality of Turkey. So does Obama, I mean they have grasped that the Turkish nation is a mature and qualified nation that will set an example… Therefore, the whole world knows that Turkey is getting ready for a big task. This is amazing, I mean materialists sense this with their instincts, so do religious people. If you see now, everyone comes to Istanbul in crowds and Ankara. They say that there is something in Turkey, I mean there will be something happening there; it means that they understood. The thing that they understood is Turkey becoming the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union. Turkey will open up a new civilization, a new era in the world, and will also open up the scope of the world which is heading to afflictions and the Day of Judgment, Turkey will bring temporary tranquility to the whole world.  

Kutahya Destan TV, August 5- 2008 

Adnan Oktar:Turkish nation is returning back to its origin Insha’Allah. It will be a superb state. Turkish-Islamic union will be established InshaAllah, and TURKEY WILL TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF AN ELDERLY BROTHER IN THE REGION. WHOLE REGION WILL ATTAIN TRANQUILITY AND COMFORT WITH THE SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP OF TURKEY. In terms of economy, finance and morality there will be a very serious improvement. There will be a improvement and a glorious civilization will be established. This pain is a sign of it, anyhow there have always been a great improvement after every pain. If you look at the Turkish history, this will be seen as well. During the establishment of great Turkish states such pain had always been. And now it is happening again.  

Azerbaijan Rating News paper, November 6- 2008 

Adnan Oktar: Satan gives such delusions which should not be taken seriously, I mean let's say we will sit on the dinner table which is already prepared but we still discuss where to put the salad or where to place the chairs. There is no need to keep it long. It is so obvious that the Turkish-Islamic Union will be very well, and it will bring abundance, wealth, joy. I mean these are weak excuses, and we should not direct ourselves on to these. The elderly Brother Turkey will embrace them with love and compassion, and Turkey is ready for the task. Turkey does not have any benefit out of this task. What is surprising about a father and his son getting together to chat or have meal together? A father, I mean Turkey is the father and the leader of Turkish Islamic world. And It calls all of his sons to the dinner table, to eat together for the sake of joy, amusement and fest so that a cheerful environment would be established. It is abnormal to compare it with Russia because they were communist, materialist and Darwinist.


Yeni Safak, 28 March 2010

The address of understanding Islam is Istanbul

World Islamic Call Center, which was not active for years, held its 20th meeting in Istanbul. In a time when Turkey and Libya's relationship has intensified, 49 representatives of 36 countries gathered. General secretary Muhammed Ahmad Sharif said that Istanbul is almost like a guide to learn Islam correctly.

Turkey is the father of Islamic countries

Muhammed Ahmad Sharif: "All Muslim countries in Africa and Middle East has great respect and affection for Turkey. There is an enormous trust towards Turkey. The intermediary role Turkey has initiated between countries to secure peace in the world has been the reason of this trust. The intermediary role of Turkey has added to its prestige. Turkey is kind of the father and protector of Islamic countries."

Yeni Safak, 28 Nisan 2010

Istanbul is a guide that depicts Islam

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