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A first in Beirut, years later

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Seher TV, 12 February 2009

Adnan Oktar:Unless Muslims insistedly talk about unity, Muslims would not be in the right position; because getting united is a Qur’anic obligation, and seperation is unlawful; Muslims are shattered, they sinned once. They will stop to sin at once. That means, they will get together. People say; “Why do not Arabs come together and help our Palestinian brothers?”; Allright brother, but aren’t you a Muslim, as well? Turkish, Iranian, Pakistanian, these are all Muslims, I mean. Why do Arabs have to come together and save the Palestinians? But infact, it is the Muslims who have to get together and save the Palestine. And Turkey is the one who’ll do that. It is Turkey’s leadership and it is the Turkish Islamic Union. Our Prophet (saas) told about the End Times. First of all, we have to look for Mahdi. The signs refferring to his coming has all come true. And our Prophet (saas) described Mahdi in great details. Now, they haven’t found Mahdi yet although they looked for? No, they haven’t found Mahdi yet because they haven’t looked for. I mean, they should leave their time. Let’s see whether they’ll find Mahdi or not when they look for him about ten or fifteen days. And when they found him, they should all pray to Allah and fully obey Him, commit to him and make him their spiritual leaders ; then this fitna and sedition will end. They have to wait for the second coming of Prophet Jesus (pbuh) inshaAllah. They have to pray for him. And they have to say “Oh Lord… Show us Jesus Christ  and show us the Mahdi”. Both love of Mahdi and love of Jesus Christ have to be embroided in the hearts and we have to be demanding this, seriously… Turkish nation is very suitable for this and it is extremely decisive and it has experience. And Turkey is also the place where Mahdi will appear, inshaAllah. I’m telling you this on account of something I know; if they ever look for Mahdi, they will find him and Islamic Union will be constituted, Turkish Islamic Union will be constituted and they will be victorious.

Yeni Şafak, 31st of July, 2010

Years Later,  A First in Beirut

Sabah, 31 July 2010

An Appreciation from the Leader to
Turkey in the Ice-Breaking Summit;



An appreciation to Turkey has come out from the meeting between Bessar Esad, the head of the Syria State and Abdullah, the King of Saudi Arabia who was in Damascus for several intercourse. The two leaders who stated that “The current situation of the Arabs and that lands of Palestine are occupied should encourage  Arab world to cooperate” also draw the attention to Turkey’s “honorable approach” in Palestine matter.

While the visit had the feature of being the first visit Esad done to his country after 8 years; King Abdullah became the the first Saudi King who had come to Lebanon since 1957.

2010-08-22 14:11:48

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