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Turkey is an opportunity for peace in the Middle East

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Gulf Today, November 2- 2008 

Adnan Oktar:This has been a responsibility on Turkey from time out of mind. Namely, we saw this in all previous governments. Turkey, has always assumed de facto leadership of Turkish-Islamic world and feels this everywhere. Directly or indirectly, Turkey has always displayed the task of being an elder brother everywhere. IN EVERY DISAGREEMENT, TURKEY PLAYS A MEDIATORY ROLE. For example, Turkey has been involved in the formation of the Caucasus Alliance. When there is a dispute between other countries, Turkey plays the mediator role. Be it the natural gas pipeline project, the oil pipeline project, or the other projects, Turkey's leadership is clearly seen. Turkey has already been doing this without explanation and this continues and proceeds.

Zaman, July 9- 2010

Turkey is an opportunity for peace
in the Middle East

2010-08-23 02:24:01

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